1.6 Vanilla World

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1.6 Vanilla World
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May 29 - June 1, 2011

The 1.6 Vanilla World was a world run on Cubic Worlds as a temporary fallback for the trouble over Bukkit, Multiplay, and Minecraft Beta 1.6. It only ran for a short time, but many structures were built (and destroyed) on this world. This was the first world to include a Nether.


The world ran on vanilla (meaning without mods) multiplayer and was set to Peaceful difficulty. Due to the lack of anti-griefing mods, many trusted members were given OP powers to deal with banning those who would cause trouble on the server. Alas, many crimes were still committed, and buildings were destroyed again and again, giving Cubic Worlds users the taste of the common wasteland that makes up most Minecraft Public Servers.

The world featured a simple spawn area, built with red wool and bedrock. Around it were many simple buildings made as temporary homes built by the users. Ahead of spawn, however was one of the crowning structures of the world, Mystic_Murray's Phoenix Lodge. Several avenues were built in the town situated around spawn, with homes that were frequently griefed. One of these avenues led to the very first working portal to the Nether that the server had seen. Within the server's Nether, a handful of other structures were built, including Fubaka's Sandstone Castle. At the time, the Nether was perhaps the most peaceful part of the server, as there were much fewer griefs there than on the main world.


The 1.6 Vanilla World was ended terminally when a working version of Bukkit for Minecraft Beta 1.6.5 was made, and the users were able to return to Pixellia. It has since been most likely deleted.


  • Players did not have much of an incentive to build on this world, since not only was the world temporary, but anything they built would also have a high chance to be griefed.
  • It was often very quiet on this world.
  • Many unnamed griefers were permabanned on this world, most of them being caught burning down the Phoenix Lodge.
  • Almost nobody misses this world.


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