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To ensure that the Members and Staffers of CW have the most information possible about our justice system, this post aims to set out the typical penalties for breaking server rules.

Below is a list of specific types of offence followed by a minimum and maximum ban length. However, this is only a guide, and exact punishments will depend on how serious a given case is.

Warnings, mutes, kicks, and bans

Staffers will always try to warn and potentially mute or kick an offender before a ban is finally made, at least where it's appropriate to do so. However, for crimes where a culprit is online and caught in the act - especially those involving griefing - we may skip the warning stage and go straight to the serious stuff.

The threat a criminal poses to other players is always our first concern, so in some cases, we reserve the right to take action against a player without giving them a detailed explanation or warning. Nevertheless, in all cases where ban has been made, a post will be made within the Courtroom forum, as per the server's Courtroom Process.

Typical ban lengths

Chat offenses
General chat spam 1 day / 1 week
Advertising or spamming links 1 day / 1 week
Posting links to inappropriate content 1 day / 3 months
Arguing with one or more other players 1 day / 1 week (for all players directly involved)
Repeated public discussion of sensitive topics 1 day / 1 week (for all players directly involved)
Repeatedly asking for promotion 3 days / 1 week
Obscene chat or bad language 3 days / 2 weeks
Posting racist or other hate-related chat 2 weeks / 3 months

By "arguing" we mean prolonged bickering and throwing insults at one or more other players without actually trying to solve a problem maturely.

We don't wish to prevent our users from debating aspects of life which may be important to them, such as faith and religion, but those involved must do so in a civil and respectful way at all times. Rather than use in-game chat to discuss such topics, staff recommend you make use of the forum's Off Topic board or use private messages on the forum or on our Discord server.

Pestering staff to do something that violates the Staff Policy 1 day / 1 week
Repeatedly killing others in PvP without permission 1 week / 2 weeks
Using hidden traps to kill others 1 week / 2 weeks
Harassing or bullying a player through in-game chat or elsewhere 1 week / 1 month
Building inappropriate structures 3 days / 2 weeks
Breaking and entering 3 days / 1 week
Theft of items or blocks 1 week / 1 month
Deliberate damage to builds 1 week / 2 months
X-raying 1 months / 3 months
Hacking, cheating, or large-scale damage 2 months / 6 months
Other offenses
Repeatedly asking when the server is going to update Spigot 1 day / 3 days
Walking the line on any server rule or policy 1 day / 1 week
Suggesting that marmots are not awesome 1 second / 42 months

Other factors we consider

Sometimes there are extra considerations which will influence the length of a ban. A repeat offender, for example, will get a longer ban than normal - though any ban's length may be reduced if staff agree that you have accepted your punishment gracefully and have made a genuine apology for your actions.

We use the table below as a reference. As with the ban lengths above, these multipliers should be used only as a guide and may vary from case to case.

Repeat offender +25%
Feigning ignorance or innocence +15% / +50%
Consistently refusing to admit to a crime you clearly committed +100%
Attempting to bribe or threaten others to keep crimes a secret +150%
Owning up to a crime when confronted -25%
First time offense * -25%
Making a genuine apology for your crime * -25% / -50%
Turning yourself in before a Staffer contacts you * -25% / -50%

* These multipliers are applied at the discretion of the Staffer who made the ban.