Biscuit's Test World

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Biscuit's Test World
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Current Status



September 25, 2011 -

Biscuit's Test World is the world that is currently operating on Biscuit's Cubic Test Server. Run by Biscuit_Junkie, it serves as the current place where people can go to test builds and circuits, mess around with tester commands, or assist in building the spawn area for the next world in Cubic Worlds.


The current world is divided into 8 sub-worlds:

The Overworld/Home World

This is where players start out. Basically the world consists of a large wooden dome with color-coded portals that lead to the other four worlds. The dome is stranded on an arctic island surrounded by nothing but frozen seas. It is literally impossible for players to venture out very far from the island.

The Test World

This is where players can go to build and test structures and circuits, or just mess around with various commands. This world consists of a flat grass plain, inhabited with various player-made structures. One of these structures is Squeedge's Mob Spawn Pit, which frequently spawns slimes.

The Note World

This is a world built specifically for the creation of note-block tunes. Like the Test World, it is just a vast flat grass plain.

The Spawn World

This is where New Avalon is being incubated. It is situated in a very rugged and visually stunning area. The center of the spawn area very much resembles Greenview Plaza and many trails lead off from it. Some of these trails wrap and wind up and down mountains, while other simply go through them. So far the only actual structures built on the world are New Greenview Plaza, The Blue Hole and various player houses. There is also an underground railway system that is still under construction.

The Survival World

This is a place where players can play on survival 1.0. It is impossible to enter Creative Mode on this world, nor can players use tester commands or carry items over to it. The spawn area is situated in the middle of a large plains biome and Biscuit's main house on the world sits right next to the spawn dome. A short distance from spawn, an NPC village lies, and a ravine cuts through part of it.

The Spawn Contest World

This world looks and acts similarly to the other test worlds, but is the place where contestants have been building their own versions of the spawn area to be utilized in New Avalon when it is made the main world of Cubic Worlds. The lucky winner will have their spawn featured as Cubic World's central hub, and will also receive diamond-based goodies.

The Nether

Basically a Nether for the server, which, unlike Pixellia's Nether, contains fortresses.

The End

The first world in this timeline to have an End. Two users (using cheats) bravely vanquished the Enderdragon in this realm, and now this place is merely an attraction.


  • Testers can freely switch between Creative and Survival mode on this server, with the exception of the Survival World.
  • The various player-made houses on the Spawn World may end up being moved or taxed when the spawn is utilized in Cubic Worlds, due to Zolyx's plot plans.
  • The server in which these worlds are ran has an exceptionally good capacity, and framerates are generally high for players in it.