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The CNG is a redstone[1] creation of OminousFire. CNG stands for Chicken Number Generator, and derived from the acronym RNG, or Random Number Generator. It is currently housed in The Citadel.

Developement and Version History

The CNG deveolopement started when Zolyx asked for a randomizer for a game show event. Redstone fanatic, OminousFire, was more than happy to tackle the task of creating such. After a while, he was not happy with the quality of the random numbers, as they were too predictable with the pulse generators. Mystic_Murray suggested throwing a cow into a room, which lead to v6 and onward.


Creation of a basic irregular pulse generator and some D-Flip flops (RAM). It read in binary. It stayed this way, but getting more and more compact and added more and more features until v6.


v6 tracked zombie movement, however many problems with this were found including:

  • Zombies burn in sunlight, it is necessary to see the zombies to ensure they did not de-spawn.
  • Zombies have trouble with doors. This leads to more than one zombie being in the tracking room at a time.
  • To ensure no spiders, zombie spawners must be hacked to place them conviniently.


v7 of the CNG is the first to include chicken movement for randomness. See below for more details on the chickens.


v8 fixed a massive amount of bugs, and was the first to include the current chicken towers.

v9 (Unfinished)

v9 will not be built on Cubic Worlds due to the fact that v8.1 (the current version) contains delay, which is desired for the game show. v9 will feature a piston phenomenon known most commonly as instant wire.