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Arcadia Preview.png
Current Status

Running as Primary World


January 19th 2019 - Present

Arcadia is the current primary world of Cubic Worlds. It was generated using a seedNote 1 selected from the standard 1.13.2 generation and a world border of +-4600 blocks.

Unlike previous worlds, there is no single, central spawn city. Instead, the spawn area acts as a hub that allows players to warp to the four main arrival points (or towns) of Arcadia, as well as warp to other dimensions and get special trade items from villagers.

Naming The World

An inventive Long List of suggestions was whittled down with a large, and somewhat blunt, knife to a more digestible short list.

Differences from previous worlds

Spawn Point

As noted above, there is no single, central spawn city.


Personal base claims are no longer possible.

Players can make 2 types of claim: Reserves and Private towns

See the Forum Thread for details.


The number of /homes that a player can create is 3 (plus a bed spawn); previously it was 10 homes.

Players can no longer buy teleports/warps for diamond blocks.

See the Forum Thread for the rationale for this, and a lively discussion.


The Economy plugins that allowed for a currency (Kubes, ku) and for Chest Shops were disabled.

See the Forum Thread for the rationale for this, and a lively discussion.

Using the command /kit daily will provide a piece of green money that can be traded with spawn villagers.


Only spawners found in Vanilla Minecraft can be obtained in Arcadia. No more Rabbot spawners for example.

Discussed in the same Forum Thread as the Economy change.


  1. Arcadia seed: -8263492127909406043, Source: Forum Post


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