Chest Shops

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An example of a shop
Achtung.png This feature has been discontinued in Arcadia.

Chest Shops are a feature that allow players to create shops using chests.

There is a limit of 50 shops per player.

Creating a ShopChest

Want to create a new shop from scratch? That's easy.

  1. Place a chest
  2. Hold the item type you'll be selling
  3. Use the command: /shop create [Quantity] [BuyPrice] [SellPrice]
  4. Right-click your chest within 15 seconds
  5. Done! Your shop's information will be displayed in the form of a hologram and floating item.

You must use 0 as a SellPrice if you want to have a shop that only allows players to buy items.

Similarly, you must use 0 for BuyPrice to make a shop that only allows players to sell to you.

Deleting a ShopChest

To get rid of a new-style shop chest that you own, just type /shop remove and then punch the chest.

Using ShopChests

You can buy and sell from ShopChests in exactly the same way as before:

  • Right-click to buy items from the shop at the given "Buy:" price
  • Left-click to sell items to the shop at the given "Sell:" price

You can click either the chest itself or the hologram to make the trade.