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When the server rules are broken, a player or Staffer may report the incident using the Courtroom section of the forum. A similar report can be filed if a player has a complaint against a Staffer that they feel did not abide by the Staff Policy. Specific information on how to lay out your report is given on this page of our forum.


A staffer will check new reports usually within 24 hours after they are posted. Once a decision is reached, a ruling will be made, typically with one of two common outcomes:

  • The report is marked as needing no further action, or
  • A ruling is made describing what punishment will be given to the culprit and the first post of the thread is updated.

In cases where the banhammer is used on a player, we use our Ban Length Guidelines to decide how long a player should be banned for.


Except for some cases of repeat offences, all Courtroom rulings may be appealed. To do so, the culprit, or one of their guardians, should reply to the appropriate Courtroom thread giving as much information as they can about why they believe the ruling should be changed.

Open arbitration

In an effort to ensure that Courtroom cases are dealt with in a fair and even-handed way, all reports, rulings, and subsequent appeals should be posted in public. Staffers reserve the right to repost any relevant private messages (sent through the forum or inside Minecraft) to the appropriate Courtroom thread.

Although we understand that sometimes the player(s) involved may not agree with this, we believe it's better to have things out in the open rather than to hold discussions behind closed doors. We want to avoid inaccurate or incomplete reports that might lead to unfair rulings.