First Test World

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First Test World
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Aug 7, 2011 - September 14, 2011

Biscuit's First Test World was the world that first operated on Biscuit's Cubic Test Server. Run by Biscuit_Junkie, it served as a place where people could go to test builds and circuits, or just mess around with moderator commands.


The world consisted of a large flat surface made of iron blocks that stretched out in a 600x600 area. Underneath the iron, only dirt and the bottom-most layer of bedrock lay. Bordering the edge of the iron area with the rest of the map was a tall wall made of bedrock.

New players to the world spawned at the central structure, which consisted of a large room made of iron and glowstone, with a diamond block pad to serve as the spawn area, and a portal to the Nether. Players that left the building would see that the outside of the structure looked much like an abstract work of art, looking like a rubix cube of iron that has been dissolved partially. Next to this building lay an impressively large arena, also mainly built with iron. This arena was the only place on the world where the Void could be accessed. Anyone who didn't have /god on would die very quickly after falling in. The world also featured a myriad of other structures that various players had built.

The nether was an equivalent of the overworld, except made with gold blocks instead. It had an identical spawn structure and arena made with gold blocks. There weren't nearly as many structures there as in the overworld. The Nether in this world had no ceiling, and it was impossible to get through the bedrock barrier into the unaltered Nether. Above the wall, an endless plain of bedrock was all that awaited any player.


This world was removed after the 1.8 update was released. Biscuit's Cubic Test Server has since been running a conglomerate world that serves both as a test area and as a construction site for what will most likely become the next main world on Cubic Worlds. Info on that world is on the Biscuit's Test World page.


  • Players on this world could fly using Gold Boots, allowing for very fast travel across the area.
  • Players with Gold Boots and /god on could enter the Void via arena pit and fly around down there without dying.
  • Much of the iron plane (including the spawn area) would get snowed on during storms, leaving a flat blanket of snow in these areas.
  • Mobs spawned with great frequency in the iron (and especially Nether gold) plane.
  • The server that ran this world is only online every once in a while.
  • Each arena on the server could be filled instantly with different structures, due to how Biscuit pulled out schematics.