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Gary in space.
Gary is a notable ghast on Cubic Worlds, and the prime icon of the Church of Ghastianity. According to Ghastian lore, Gary is supposed to be the leader of all Ghasts, and is the one who led his tribe to inhabit the Nether to begin with.

Sighting History

Gary the ghast initially appeared on the server while Zolyx was clearing a large chunk of land for construction of The Citadel, and had flown away before anyone could shoot him down. Later, he was resummoned during the Ghast Apocalypse event along with dozens of his fellow ghasts, though he managed to slip away again. Soon after this event, the Church of Ghastianity was founded and Gary was made the icon of the church. He was later found in space, messing with NASA satellites, and his current location is now unknown. (although runicrules claims to still be in contact with him.)