Hyrule Castle Town

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Hyrule Castle Town
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Hyrule Castle Town is a city based off of the town of the same name from the game The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. It is a close replica of said town, albeit expanded greatly to accompany more citizens. Being the central location for most trade in Hyrule, it features the rule board for the whole project at its gate. The proprietors of this fine place are rubix124, masternoj, and merasane.

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Castle town features many things such as: working shooting gallery game, the Temple of Time (resting place of the Master Sword), population of 500 villagers, plots to build houses, buyable houses, many shops *still waiting for chest shops*, and a path to Hyrule Castle.

  • 500 villagers
  • A bakery (owned by SunnySoulSheep and Tommy_walsh)
  • A hotel
  • Shooting gallery game
  • Soon to be new game place(instead of the Bomchu alley)
  • Temple of Time
  • Hyrule Rule Board/Special Thanks
  • Central location for trade and access throughout Hyrule
  • Soon to be connected to Mera's Tower(which is to be physically connected to the Castle)

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  • Testificate Genocide was twice performed when the population reached 1500+ or around there.
  • The Three Trials event was once hosted here to determine the owner of the Hero's house in Kokiri Forest.
  • Castle Town was once was deleted in a large rollback long ago.


  • page to be continued/more info added*