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Jump Gauntlet
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Location (x=265,z=5)

The Jump Gauntlet, (also referred to as The First Gauntlet, to avoid confusion with the Second Gauntlet) is a jumping-based obstacle course built by Fubaka. Players are intended to jump from the beginning to the end without dying or cheating in order to win.


The player must reach the end of the fifth zone of the gauntlet from the beginning without altering blocks in order for it to have counted as a victory. Altering of blocks, and use of checkpoints (home-setting) is considered cheating (and the former also counts as griefing), though checkpointing is allowed for practice. Also, anyone caught in unbridled open rage over the frustration of the gauntlet will be kicked or muted.


The Jump Gauntlet consists of five rooms, or zones. Each zone is built with different materials and are designed to be progressively more challenging than the previous zones. The following is a synopsis of each individual room.

The Wood Zone

This is the first zone. It is basically a square room with a lower and upper half. The jumps here are not particularly lethal, (as the floor is water) and do not stretch the limits of jumping in Minecraft so much. Expert gauntleteers can usually clear this room in less than 20 seconds, or without falling once.

The Wool Zone

The second room (pictured above) consists of a straight hall of elevated platforms over a solid floor. While the jumps here are not too much harder, a miss will most likely cause minor damage to the player. This level also introduces the player to ladder jumps.

The Note Zone

Arguably the prettiest zone in the gauntlet, this area consists of two vertical chutes lined with iron block platforms and note-block walls. The jumps here are decently challenging and while there is water at the bottom of each chute, a fall could end up landing you on a solid block, causing considerable damage.

The Lava Zone

The most infamous level in the gauntlet. While the jumps are not too challenging, there is no room for error, as a single miss will kill the player with great speed (due to the lava). This level preys on your fear, and as such, more players have met their end in this room than any of the others.

The Ladder Zone

The final gauntlet level consists of a simple vertical chute with nothing but ladders and torches placed on the brick walls. This level will put your ladder jumping skills to the test, as you have to jump from wall to wall to get to the top. It is quite difficult to master the art of ladder jumping, but anyone who succeeds will have won the entire gauntlet.


  • When the gauntlet was first set up, rewards were given to the first 6 who could beat it. Each of those 6 players received a Diamond Block, and the honorary title of Gauntlet Grandmaster. Nowadays, this gauntlet only serves as a little fun thing to do.
  • The Jump Gauntlet has probably been griefed more times than any other structure on the server. (With the exception of the now-gone Phoenix Lodge)
  • The Jump Gauntlet is located inside of Fubaka's Hemidome.
  • Mystic_Murray is the only Grandmaster unfortunate enough to have lost his Diamond Block within minutes of receiving his prize.