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Cubic Worlds is advertised and run as a "family-friendly" server with a PG rating. Because it's natural for people to have varying opinions of what this means and different feelings on what they consider is child-safe and what isn't, this page is here to try and describe in detail the standard to which we try and run the server.

If you feel our guidelines are too prudish or over-strict, please understand that Cubic Worlds - unlike many other less regulated servers - is a place where young, pre-teen children are welcomed with open arms and encouraged to enjoy the game in a safe, friendly and well-moderated environment. Where children are concerned, we feel that if there is any doubt about what can be found offensive or not, the most logical course of action is to act on the safe side regardless of personal opinion.

Inappropriate Language & Topics of Conversation

  • Swearing is not allowed on the server, even if the only people online are people you know in real life who would not have any problem with it. Staff will consider anything defined by the Oxford English dictionary as "vulgar slang" to be a swearword. We also make use of the site when defining swearwords.
  • Use of any abbreviation whose commonly accepted definition includes swearwords should be avoided. We may not immediately jump down your throat about it, but you should take some effort to avoid exclamations such as "wtf" - you will be warned about it sooner or later.
  • Talking about genitalia, pornography, sexual preferences, or any other sex-related subject is not allowed. Use of the word "sex" should be limited to the context of gender only.
  • Discussing controversial, illegal, or otherwise "grey" topics may be allowed but only within reasonable context, and staff reserve the right to ask participants to change the subject at any time. Such topics can include - but are not limited to - abortion, violence, horror, religious extremism, racism, terrorism, animal cruelty, and hacking.

Chat Filtering & Logging

Cubic Worlds does not use a chat filtering system because they can be easily bypassed by anyone who really wishes to do so. This choice also allows us to see and deal with any problems more accurately.

As part of its basic operation, all public and private chat messages are logged by the server. These logs are only accessible by the server Operator and their use is restricted to the rare cases where there is no other way to verify a claim of lawbreaking. Covered by the server's Staff Policy, this file is never used to spy on private conversations out of idle curiosity.