Mystic's First Home

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Player house
Mystic House 1.PNG
Owner Mystic Murray
World Pixellia
Location (x=?,z=?)

Rather than building a small starter home when Mystic_Murray joined the Cubic World he dicided to start building a home that he had already designed on SSP(Survival Single Player)


Mystic's First Home is located a short walk north-east from Greenview. Most of the structure is carved into a nearby hill although above ground there is a well, farm, cow trap and a private pine forest on the "roof". When you first enter you come to a hall that contains a staircase in the middle to a mines and 3 doors. The first door leads to the libary and bedroom which has a pefect view of sunsets and sunrise. The second door leads to the crafting room which contains Mystic's "Super Forge" and storage rooms. The final door leads to the obsidian farm.


  • This building now serves as a home for Edzi07