Phoenix Lodge

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Phoenix Lodge
Phoenix Lodge 1.png
Built by


Current Status

Lost Forever


1.6 Vanilla World



Location (x=nil,z=nil)

The Phoenix Lodge was the standout structure in the 1.6 Vanilla World. It still holds the record as the most griefed structure in the history of the server.


The lodge consisted of a central lobby, with a fireplace in the back and some nice architecture. To the sides, there were a few rooms and towers that stretched to a fair height. It was by far the most impressive structure built in this time period, and thus, was the target of all the griefers who passed by the server in this time as well.


Over and over again the lodge was burned down to the ground by griefers. Thus, over and over again did the server rebuild it. That is how it got its name. As such, certain members still pay respect to this building, even though it no longer exists in any real form.