Pumpkin-Head Clan

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Pumpkin-Head Clan
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The Pumpkin-Head Clan is the oldest cult in Cubic Worlds, the cult has no real leader but it was initially founded by Muako.


The clan does not hold any specific beliefs or customs. The only requirement for being a Pumpkinhead is to show up at meetings and events with a Pumpkin helmet on and a bone in your hand. After certain events on the night of September 3rd, Mechajin has ceased his war with the Pumpkin Head Clan, and is now searching for the people who REALLY killed his family.

The Pumpkinhead clan had a shoot-off religion after the Ghast Apocalypse called the Church of Ghastianity.

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Latest Organized Events

The most recent told event was held a few hundred Cubic Days ago. The clan went in search of enemy within the Cursed Forest, two survived out of the clan of four. As brave as the last two remaining clan members were they stood and defended the dropped items until the other two came to reclaim them.