Second Gauntlet

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Second Gauntlet
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Location (x=270,z=-140)

The Second Jump Gauntlet, (not to be confused with the first Jump Gauntlet) was a jumping-based obstacle course built by Fubaka as a sequel to the first one. Players are intended to jump from the beginning to the end without dying or cheating in order to win.


The player must reach the end of the Final Zone of the gauntlet from the beginning without altering blocks in order for it to have counted as a victory. In order to obtain the rewards, that player must relay a certain word written on the victory sign to either Fubaka or Mystic_Murray. (Note that the victory word changes every time somebody wins.) Altering of blocks, and use of checkpoints (home-setting) is considered cheating (and the former also counts as griefing), though checkpointing is allowed for practice. Also, anyone caught in unbridled open rage over the frustration of the gauntlet will be kicked or muted.


The Second Gauntlet consists of 10 zones. Each zone is built with different materials and are designed to be progressively more challenging than the previous zones. The following is a synopsis of each individual zone.

The White Zone

This zone is an edged hallway built with white wool and birch-wood. It isn't too challenging but players can take minor amounts of damage from falling in here.

The Red Zone

The second zone is a straight hallway built with netherrack and red wool. Although you cannot take fall damage in this zone, it is infamous for being a long-running trapdoor challenge. The player must jump along the trapdoors as they flip up and down, and in laggy situations, this can be quite difficult.

The Brown Zone

This zone is a tall room built out of oak logs and brown wool. This zone is distinguished by a deep dark pit that the player will fall into if he/she misses a jump. This pit is intended to kill the player, but if he/she survives, that player will have to warp out and try the gauntlet again.

The Green Zone

A simple room built from grass and green and lime wool, with tall grass growing on the floor. The jumps don't hurt and are not too challenging, but there is a timed iron door on the other end of the room. The player must stand on the pressure plate until the door opens, and then reach it before it closes again.

The Black Zone

This zone resembles the White Zone in shape and jumps, but with one catch. It is built from pinewood and black wool, and it is almost completely dark in there. The player must have good eyes (or a good monitor) to see where the next jump is, and monsters often spawn in the room that the player must fight.

The Orange Zone

This zone is the brightest in the gauntlet, as it is built with orange wool and glowstone. This zone introduces lava, and has a few trapdoor jumps as well. A player who has made it this far ought to be careful not to miss any jumps, especially those involving the trapdoors.

The Blue Zone

The fan-favorite zone, it resembles a vertical chute made with blue wool and Lapis blocks. The challenge here is to use the columns of water to jump to the platforms above, and that can be quite tricky. Not to mention that near the top, there is a severe falling hazard.

The Silver Zone

Built with light gray wool and Iron blocks, this zone starts as a vertical chute, then goes into a straight hallway. (pictured above) This zone features the same challenge as the Ladder zone in the first Jump Gauntlet, so it can take quite a heavy toll on your health.

The Gold Zone

The most expensive zone in the gauntlet, having been built with yellow wool and Gold blocks! This hall makes the attempt to combine as many of the other elements as possible. (With trapdoors, ladder jumps, lava, and a timed iron door.) Not only does the player need to reach the other end of this dangerous hallway, but they must do so before the door closes!

The Final Zone

The last zone in the gauntlet, built mainly for aesthetic purposes. It is a large cylindrical room made with stone slabs, obsidian, lava, and purple wool. The jumps themselves are not that difficult, but the incredible amount of tension of having reached this zone may work against you. The other end of the room boasts a platform which has the victory sign on it. Reaching it and relaying the word is imperative to finish the gauntlet.


  • There were 15 eligible spots for Gauntlet Grandmasters, but only 9 were claimed before this gauntlet reached its deadline.
  • The Second Gauntlet was opened before the walls were fully decorated, due to the sheer amount of time it took for these zones to be finished. (Especially the Gold Zone)
  • The entrance to this gauntlet is located on the eastern side of the Cube Tower.
  • Due to a bug in Minecraft, the trapdoors often freeze up, preventing players from crossing. If this is the case, contact Fubaka to get them running again.
  • Mystic_Murray served as the Gauntlet Manager, and could restart the trapdoors in Fubaka's absence.
  • On December 16th 2011, Fubaka gave OminousFire the right to dismantle the gauntlet and distribute its resources.