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At Cubic Worlds we want to try and make sure that your game experience is as good as it can be during your adventures, and to do this, we have a few simple rules that players and staffers are expected to follow during their time on the server.

Hopefully you'll find that most of them boil down to simple common sense - we don't want to spoil the game by being too officious, but at the same time, we have to guard against silly folks who only seek to cause trouble.

All of our rules also apply to any official non-Minecraft events, such as those hosted through the Cubic Worlds Steam group.

While Chatting...

  • Be friendly and respectful to others.
  • Use English only, keep to PG-safe topics, and don't swear. (Read our Language Policy to learn more.)
  • Sensitive topics (e.g. religion) are best kept to our Off-topic Forum. If a Staffer asks you to change the subject, please do so.
  • Don't ask for promotion or go out of your way to curry favour with staffers. (Read our Ranks page for details of how we promote players.)

While Minecrafting...

  • No hacking - using hacks such as flying or inventory editing will get you banned, usually without warning.
  • No X-raying - this can include using any client mod, texture pack or other method to locate diamonds easily by seeing through the world.
  • No stealing - for example looting items from chests you don't own, or ransacking donation chests.
  • No griefing - deliberately destructive acts towards other players or their stuff, such as:
    • ... destroying or altering blocks placed by others without their permission.
    • ... adding to someone else's building without permission.
    • ... using LWC commands to lock doors or containers that are not yours.
  • No unlabelled traps - killing or ensnaring players using traps is not allowed. Traps in obstacle courses are fine as long as players are warned in advance (e.g. at an entrance).
  • Follow build themes on claims - if you build anything within someone else's claimed land, make sure you follow the theme(s) that they have set, otherwise staff may move your build to a new location.
  • Don't strip-mine in our main world - use our Ore subworld instead! It's made for just that purpose.
  • Have fun! - anyone found to be not having fun will have a trained squad of bazooka-wielding, line-dancing marmots deployed to their front door. Seriously. We have those, so don't make us use them...

The Golden Rule

  • Ignorance is no excuse - try to keep yourself informed and be familiar with the current rules of the server at all times. Do your best to keep Cubic Worlds the great place it is so that everyone can have a happy and fun Minecrafting time!

The Democratic Dictatorship

The way the server is run can be summed up by the phrase "democratic dictatorship". Yep, it sounds pretty strange, true enough - but here's what that means.

Democratic: Cubic Worlds is owned and run according to the principles of its current Op, Zolyx. He takes pride in being open to feedback and criticism, and players are welcome to talk honestly to him about anything relating to the server - the bad as well as the good. Lots of important decisions have been taken while involving the community and there's no plan to change that!

Dictatorship: The Op reserves the right to make a final decision about anything affecting the server. He tries to do the best for the community as a whole, but sometimes, you may disagree with him or his methods. Although that makes him very sad, ultimately... tough luck. It's his call, and continuing to argue against something that's been decided will almost never work out well for you.

Breaking the Rules

If you break any of our rules then we will act as fairly as we can to protect the rest of our community. There are two pages you can read to learn more:

  • The Courtroom Process is what we use to report a crime that has been committed and to inform the player(s) involved of the ruling we decide on. Cases can also be appealed if the player involved feels there has been a mistake.
  • We don't take pleasure in banning people and try to keep our banhammers as a last resort, but in cases where it's necessary to make a ban, we use our Ban Length Guidelines to decide how long it should last. The guidelines also explain other factors that can affect a ruling.