Splash Gauntlet

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Splash Gauntlet
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New Avalon



Location (x=60,z=-750)

(This project is extremely old and part of a dead world. Enjoy the history.)

The Splash Gauntlet (formerly known as the Mega Gauntlet) is a planned project to be built by Fubaka on New Avalon.

Current Plans

Players who challenge the gauntlet will be required to empty their pockets of anything other than food items. The gauntlet itself will consist of several lavish underground chambers built beneath the site of the Ville d'Art, and will only be open when Fubaka accepts a number of challengers, to go one at a time. Winners will be given a generous reward and will be added to a board of Gauntlet Grandmasters. Cheaters will be booted out the first time, and permanently disqualified the second time.

The majority of the challenges in the gauntlet will require the player to strategically use and time the effects of splash potions that will be shot out from dispensers in the walls. (i.e. a splash that allows the player to cross a series of burning platforms without getting hurt, or swimming through chasms of lava) Often, there will be puzzles where the player must decide which button to push to get the desired effect. Pressing the wrong button might result in a harmful splash. (like poison or slowdown)

The Splash Gauntlet will likely feature old tricks like water and trapdoor jumps, as well as a good deal of piston-work, and possibly some mob fighting as well. If the gauntlet becomes long and/or hard enough, there may also be checkpoints, and possibilities for Iron Man rewards too. Unlike the previous gauntlets, this one will not always be open, due to both the need to refill the potion dispensers, and the myriad griefing and cheating problems that the last two were riddled with. Fubaka will have a vantage point in each zone, watching the player's progress to ensure that no cheating can be gotten away with.