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Staffer is the term used to describe any high-ranking user who keeps order on the server and forums. While all staffers have considerably more power than normal users, they are themselves divided into ranks. Staffers follow the Staff Policy to ensure an open and friendly relationship with the players of Cubic Worlds.

Staffer Ranks

The following is a list of the current staffers for Cubic Worlds, in descending rank. (Organized by seniority within rank.)


An Op - short for Operator - is typically the top rank on a server, and appears red in chat. Ops have access to any and all of the server commands and responsibilities, most notably including the ability to promote and demote players to any rank and to annoy pretty much everyone by regularly restarting the server for no obvious reason.

  • Zolyx - the simultaneously loved and feared Chief of Staff of both Cubic Worlds and the Minecraft Museum.

Spectral Ops

Similar in function to our lord Op, however carrying more focus on build cool events and the like, as well as not possessing all traits available to Zolyx.

  • SmokeAndMirrors - An exile from a forgotten universe of pure Imagination.


Moderators are high-ranking users trusted to watch over the server and help orchestrate events. They appear yellow in chat. They have most of the world-altering powers that Ops have, can spawn items, blocks, and even mobs when needed, and can promote and demote on the Guest / Citizen range. Like all staff members, Moderators are equipped with banhammers.

  • Arya_Oyvind- Also known under the name Merasane, he is the one and only true forest sage.
  • brickviking - The only true viking.
  • JakTheMad - The server's foremost (and unconquered) champion in events of all kinds.
  • koads - Koads is the server's foremost hermit, and more importantly, has a really old beard.
  • masternoj - The server's own Hero of Time and host of the Official Spleef Tournaments.
  • Shabbyjazz - The server's greatest woolophile and undercover detective.
  • konekasi - He once placed third in Spleef Tournament III.


Elders are staff members who have chosen to step down from staffing duties and enjoy a quiet life once again. In recognition of their service all ex-staffers of Officer or above are given this title.

  • Fubaka (former Crimson Op) - The artful paladin with a troubled past that once tormented people with his events and games.
  • Biscuit_Junkie (former Moderator) - Server-renowned cake and dome addict!
  • ColDimitri (former Moderator) - It'd be easier to list the things that he hasn't collected and stockpiled!
  • Mystic_Murray (former Moderator) - One of Cubic World's oldest stars, dating back to the golden age of Pixellia.
  • Squeedge (former Moderator) - The finest farmer of fresh food that ever there was.
  • derGymnacke (former Officer) - Making him think about redstone projects can make him go crazy and screaming things like "for SCIENCE".
  • runicrules (former Officer) - Likes to build walls encompassing large areas and invites only trusted people to help her.
  • Qwizzy (former Officer) - A curious and quizzical fellow.
  • On3Win9 - Is always willing to help and was instrumental in helping to complete the original Citadel.
  • OminousFire - Cubic Worlds' first and most renowned redstone wizard.

Special Mentions

  • SunnySoulSheep was an active member of Cubic Worlds for many months, eventually being given the ownership of both Redville and Nova. She rose to the rank of Moderator in record time due to her patience, kindness and unfaltering willingness to spend her time helping others. Sadly, Sunny lost her fight against breast cancer at the end of January 2014, and will be sorely missed by everyone on the server. An in-game memorial has been constructed to honor her memory in Le Capitale d'Art.

Help from Staffers

You can almost always count on there being at least one staffer on at any given time. You can ask them almost any question within reason and expect them to answer you respectfully, but it's important to remember that Cubic Worlds is meant to be played in way that's as close to "vanilla" Minecraft as possible. There are a few things that you should not ask them:

  • Don't ask staffers to teleport you, under any circumstance. They aren't taxis!
  • Don't ask staffers to spawn items or mobs, or to change the time / weather for you. You're meant to deal with these problems with the appropriate vanilla strategies, and staffers will only spawn blocks for you if you have been irreparably griefed or somehow rolled back.
  • Never ask any staff member to promote you. Ops will decide which players are worthy of promotion based on their general behavior and actions on the server.

If you have any question for a staffer and cannot seem to find them on the server, you can send them a private message on the forums - should you not get a timely response, be sure to ask the Op Zolyx himself, who always looks out for such messages even if he doesn't seem to be around very much!