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IME, cobble is free - 1ku per stack and dirt is free - 1ku per stack.

Food is usually sold for its healing value.


IMO, instead of just listing rather arbitrary "suggested" price ranges, we should get Zolyx to decide the (hypothetical) Admin Shop prices for these items, and work from there. -will9831

In all honesty though, that would put Zolyx in a very controversial position as prices are affected by supply and demand. When Bis was buying lots of red wool, he caused the price to go up. Same when he bought lots of sandstone. Also, how much someone sells something for also depends on their personal opinion of how valuable something is.


(Fubaka) Cobblestone certainly shouldn't be free - 1ku, as, despite the fact that it is extremely common, it has a very large number of uses, and there are always people who are in great need of the stuff. The reason why cobblestone sells is because when people have a building project, they like to spend more time placing blocks and less time mining stone.

Prices: do we need it?

Col: do we really need this any more?. I mean we could just as easly change this to a trade chart

Maybe they're just waiting till there's a new Economy plugin. Just my idea here. danielbauwens 23:59, 27 March 2012 (PDT)

OK I'm going to take a stab at updating this page. I will still use the 1 diamond = 100 kubes as a base standard unit. If we get an economy plug-in then it's ready to go and in the mean time it will give people a context to base their trades on. SunnySoulSheep OK after checking this page out maybe I will make a new page as diamond and cake are locked and I want to make the list in a "similar item" grouping order instead. 1 diamond = 100 kubes / 1 dia ore = 120 kubes / 1 diamond block = 900 kubes then 1 gold ore,ingot,block,nugget ect.

Suggestion for calculating enchant-prices

The idea is that you account for the minerals used, ie 8dia for a chestplate, and a fixed price for XP/job.

Then you apply the enchantprices. They are based on 25 for prot1, and via a weighting system goes up from there.

If the maxlevel is 5 and only obtainable through the use of anvils, then the cost is increased by 500.

The prices need to be revised, im certain of it. And there probably are some variables i havent accounted for. However, its a startingpoint...

At the bottom, i have included two small examples so you get the idea of where the prices might land.

Cheers, Koads !

Enchant Weight Levels Mincost Maxcost Note
Protection 1 4 25 100
Fire 2 4 50 200
Feather 2 4 50 200
Blast 5 4 125 500
Projectile 2 4 50 200
Respiration 5 3 125 375
Aqua 5 1 125 125
Thorns 20 3 500 1500
Unbreaking 20 3 500 1500
Sharpness 1 4 25 100 500
Smite 2 4 50 200 500
Bane 2 4 50 200 500
Knockback 2 2 50 100
Fire 5 2 125 250
Looting 5 3 125 375
Unbreaking 20 3 500 1500
Efficiency 1 4 25 100 500
Silktouch 10 1 250 250
Unbreaking 2 3 50 150
Fortune 5 3 125 375
Unbreaking 20 3 500 1500
Power 1 4 25 100 500
Punch 5 2 125 250
Flame 5 1 125 125
Infinity 10 1 250 250
Resources 800
XPcost 400
Prot4 100
Proj4 200
Aqua 125
Thorns2 1000
Resources 200
XPcost 400
Sharp5 600
Knock2 100
Loot3 375

Koads, I think that's a good start. I'm not sure that armor, etc. should be worth the same as the sum of its components. I'd argue that a diamond chestplate should be worth slightly less than 8 diamonds, since the crafting has cost you the flexibility of the components (i.e. armor can only do one thing, but diamonds can be used for a number of things). Also, it might be fitting to handle unbreaking differently. I think it would be better to apply a multiplier (probably just against the base value of the item).


I probably should mention that i rarely enchant my sword/armour, which is probably why i overlooked the different meanings of unbreaking. So perhaps have a different weighting depending on which unbreaking we're dealing with...

1.8 Prices

Please use the forum thread for discussion of price updates. It is a more visible location and allows for a greater number of players to participate in the discussion (only a small subset have edit permissions for wikicubia).