The Cakery

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The Cakery
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World Unknown
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The Cakery was built by Mystic_Murray after him and squeedge found a gap in the market. After Mystic had made a rather huge supply of cake he needed somewhere to sell them, so he found a a perfect little spot beside his general store The Floating Chest, he went and grabbed a few bricks and a stack or two of wool then The Cakery was born.


The Cakery is know very well for its delicious cake but bread and cookies are also sold here.

Item Quantity Kubes
Bread 2 3.00
Cake 1 20.00
Cookie 1 1.00


  • Fubaka won a cake for sugesting the perfect name to Mystic_Murray.
  • Biscuit_Junkie has been seen many times chewing the walls or licking the roof at moments of weakness or when his cake supply is low.