Church of Ghastianity

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Church of Ghastianity
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Meeting Place(s)

The Citadel, Other

A semi-autonomous branch of the Pumpkin-Head Clan, this church is the official base-point for the worship of ghasts. Founded after the Ghast Apocalypse event, this church views the long-lost ghast named Gary as its lord and savior. Senior 'Ghastians' include notable members like masternoj and The_Maj.


The Great Summoning

Also called the Ghast Apocalypse, the Summoning is a most revered day for the Ghastian people. It is told in their religious texts that a shrine was erected in The Citadel to Gary, in an attempt to summon him, and a swarm of Ghasts was brought forth after a session of prayer from the Pumpkin-Head Clan. After this, the modest shrine was turned into the first Ghastian Temple. Unfortunately, the Temple was demolished and moved across the water from the Citadel (see The Great Crash.)

The Great Crash

Also called The Crash, the Day Zolyx Broke the World and Lagfest, the Great Crash was a bleak moment in the history of the Cubic Worlds server. At the request of Mystic_Murray, Zolyx moved the First Church of Ghastianity from the Citadel to its current position. After the repositioning, the original structure was in need of demolishing, so Zolyx placed some TNT around the building and detonated it. After a brief period of lag, most of the building (including the Nether Portal in one of the basements) was still standing. So, Zolyx created a chunk of TNT, which, before the gathered Members, was detonated by The_Maj. The result was a painfully long period of server lagging, a restart, and an enormous crater on the coast of the Citadel. However, even after all that lag, explosives and holy fire, the Nether Portal remained intact, floating in the crater as a reminder of the First Church.