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Inactive Village
The Rohan region of Tolkientown
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Location (x=-360,z=400)

Tolkientown is the collective name for the collection of towns and builds made by The_Maj based on locations from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Work began on the Rohan region when The_Maj walked far away from Exe's town and eventually came across a treeless plain area, with an arrow sticking out of the ground. He thought this pretty weird, and then began building the Lone Tree Hall, his dwelling place in Tolkientown. Since then, several new regions and ideas have sprung up all around Rohan. Minas Tirith, Isengard, Tirion, Near-Harad, the Shire, Moria and Battle for Osgiliath, not to mention THE_MAJestic theatre and Weathertop.

Sadly, Tolkientown fell into neglect upon the opening of Avalon and Maj's departure from Cubic Worlds. It remains, however, as his first major build in Pixellia.


Tolkientown is made up of a variety of towns, landmarks and cities.


Rohan was the first town built in Tolkientown, and also the largest (with the exception of the underground Moria) of all. It isn't based on any particular place in any of Tolkien's works, but is called Rohan due to the grass roofs of all the buildings, which resemble (at least, to The_Maj) the thatched roofs in Edoras in Lord of the Rings.

Minas Tirith

A somewhat down-sized version of Minas Tirith is set into a mountain west by northwest of Rohan. Featyres include an extensive public mine, a public kitchen, an inn, cheap houses for sale and a great view of Tolkientown from atop the Great Tower.


With the help of zelfador, a dissapointingly small replica of the Tower of Orthanc was erected of cobblestone, southwest of Rohan. Concerned with it's sheer ugliness, The_Maj began to reconstruct it slowly with obsidian. However, during construction, he decided to make the tower larger, and so extended it up to the build limit of y:128. The obsidian renovation continues to this day, slowly but surely.

Tirion upon Tuna

Based on the city of the Noldor from the Silmarillion, Tirion is a white city sat on top of a hill just south of Isengard. It is built entirely of snow blocks and is composed of towers and skyscrapers. It is nowhere near done.


About halfway between Isengard and Minas Tirith was an odd thing: a strip of desert biome. Rain would not fall on that strange patch of sand, and The_Maj thought that it cpuld be used to make a novel region in Tolkientown. In LOTR, Harad is a region of desert south of Gondor, divided into two regions, Far-Harad and Near-Harad. Near-Harad is mildly more populated than its counterpart, but is mostly composed of the camps of bands of wild men or nomadic tribes. In Tolkientown, Near-Harad has two watch-towers (containing various utilities), a campfire, a massive smelting room and a chief's hut. Building is prohibited.

The Shire

The Shire began as a space-filler between Minas Tirith and Near-Harad. The buildings there are all built into hills and have very low ceilings, as an homage to the Hobbit-holes from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The town hall is situated between Near-Harad and the Forest of Bones, and in fact, the southernmost part of it is in the minute desert biome of Near-Harad.

Announced Regions/WIPs

Note: this section is merely preserved for posterity.


Moria is the largest region in Tolkientown, stretching from the south border of Rohan, underground almost to the Shire. It is made up of a series of underground tunnels and halls, with the entrance located in the side of a mountain south of Rohan. Currently it is closed to the public while excavating continues.


Bree (often misspelled "Brie") is The_Maj's attempt at turning an illegal build in Tolkientown (namely LmsDragoon's half-built town) into an interesting new region. This effort is somewhat undermined by the locked doors and chests left by the previous builder. It will be a small town, with much the same feel as Rohan. It is located north-east of Rohan, just north of Weathertop.

The Grey Havens

The only Region on this list that has not entered into the stages of building, the Grey Havens will be a large harbour city, located on the South Coast of Tolkientown, far south of any current builds. It will act as a 'Welcome Town' to all those arriving in Tolkientown by rail.