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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: AetherExplorer
Status This user is a Citizen


AetherExplorer a Aether Exploring Nyan Cat from Canada. She is a shy induvidual and only talks to others when she feels like it or if they are her friends. Her first build was her own house, with a tree farm up top and a mushroom farm in the basment. She loves going to any events that are happening.


Currently, AetherExplorer goes to Cubic Worlds (Duh) and Biscuit_Junkie's Test Server.


AetherExplorer's home is a small building made of wood, next to the first guantlet, the pubic farm, and the Biscuit Dome. Her second home is near Mount Keyboard Smash at Camp Headcrab. It is a small cave with a washroom and a bed. She made a cave instead of a tent because she thought it was easier. Ace_card, however, thought it was "Uncivilized". She now lives at Digi-island, in her Desert Biome plot with a glass rain cover above it.


AetherExplorer's projects are usually very small, unless some other people are helping. She has currently helpled on

  • Bree(Dragon Tavern)
  • Moonrise Tower(Donations)
  • Beta (Digging Rooms)
  • Oreamnos, Tahr, and Pride Mountain
  • The first ever vine farm

Current/Future Projects

  • Currently working on a Minecraftian version of the Warrior Cats (Book) Lake Territory
  • Land of the Pillar Trees
  • Mushroomland (Right under Pillar Tree Land)


  • VIP since October 20, 2011
  • Has 3 skins, Nyan Cat, Demon Angel (Currently Using) and a Tron Skin (Halloween/Special Occasions)
  • Raged when she learned that CW was rolled back a month (Oct 31, 2011)
  • Has 3 swords, Lights Bane (Currently using, going to fix when it runs out) and 2 others she doesn't bother to name
  • She built and owns the first ever vine farm