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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: Birdtross
Status This user is a Citizen

Birdtross is a Citizen on Cubic Worlds. He became a member of the server on the 8th of May, 2011.


Birdtross's first creation on the server was Sunshine Tavern - an enormous wooden tavern built just east of Greenview Plaza, in Pixellia.

He has also built Zombies Forever! - a game where the aim is to gain as many points as possible before being killed by zombies. The sequel to this minigame, Zombies and Skeletons Forever!, located in Pixellia, while not completely furbished, is operational.

His builds in New Avalon consist of Pearldegrinis Castle (his primary residence), as well as a small unnamed wooden airship flying close by.


Birdtross's current project is The Arena of Death, taking inspiration from Zombies Forever! and making it considerably more dangerous!


  • Birdtross is from New Zealand!
  • He is a member of the unofficial Cubic Worlds Skpye Chat group.
  • He is the accidental founder of the Church of the Holy Wool.
  • He is one of a handful of players to have signed up within days of the server going public who still regularly logs in.