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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: Biscuit_Junkie
Status This user is an Elder
Redstone Icon.PNG This user's knowledge in redstone is not known.
Biscuit at Biscuit Dome 2

Biscuit_Junkie is a very well known member of Cubic Worlds who has built up his reputation since joining on the 18th May, 2011.

Mr Economic's History

He was first discovered as Mr Economic when he build a small store next to Greenview Plaza, this was called Biscuit's market with the best deals anywhere in Cubic Worlds. After his success of making it to the top 5 he built Biscuit Dome to hold his vast amount of stock. Biscuit Dome became a hit for the best deals anywhere and saw Biscuit shoot to number one and stay there for more then a month.


The tragic day when Biscuit licked the icing and cherries of light combined with the sponge of deliciousness he saw his economic empire fall into the hands of The Cake Barons. As Biscuit's addiction took place he had nothing but sheer energy and will power to build. It saw the end of his mad mining but saw the creation of Biscuit Dome 2


Biscuit's First Mine Located in Greenview Town Centre as a historical monument.

Biscuit's Market This was sold to moppy who became a griefer. I reclaimed the market and placed it as a reward in The Lost Diamonds. rubix124 won the building then made it rubix124's Market.

Biscuit Dome Located West of Greenview Plaza, the iconic structure which was build when there was nothing but local trees.

Elite City This is Biscuit's current project, this currently has Biscuit Dome 2 at the heart of where the city is to be. As seen in his picture.

Biscuit's Mob Trap This gigantic monstrous creation is constantly getting built and is officially the largest mob trap in Cubic Worlds. Biscuit prides his afk time in here and collects large amounts of mob loot in the time.


Biscuit is a strong believer in The Pumpkin-Head Clan and has been under influence for many Cubic Years.