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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: Fubaka
Status This user is a Moderator
Redstone Icon.PNG This user is adept with redstone.
Fubaka Icon.jpg This user's alignment is Lawful Good.
Fubaka as he currently looks in-game.

Fubaka is an extremely senior user on Cubic Worlds, and was the first to apply for membership. He has served in every level of Stafferdom, and for a time was the Crimson OP. He has been retired twice, and has played on-and-off in bursts of activity and absence. He currently holds the rank of Moderator.

History and Projects

Fubaka's first project on the server occurred during the early days of Pixellia, where he built the Hemidome and the first Jump Gauntlet beneath it. Since then, he has been responsible for a wide variety of projects, most notably the Great Library, the Ville d'Art, the Cube Tower and several major events, including The End Event. During his tenure as a Staffer, he also developed and ran several major games, such as Skyblock Wars, Hot Foot!, and the most infamous, the Crimson Cup. Fubaka was also responsible for the discovery, and later enshrinement of Cubestone.

Fubaka has retired three times, twice from staff and once from playing. The first time was late in the era of Pixellia, after running the Arachnid Storm event. The second time was in Avalon, where he had lost the desire to play, and wished to only moderate. The third and final time was after his tenure as Crimson OP, spurred by the loss of SunnySoulSheep and the subsequent squabbles with other staffers. After the last time, he went on a two year hiatus before returning to the server. After returning, he built the Grand Library of House Antaka, and then spent a year to built the triple terror that was Galleria, Artreach, and the Elder's Channel.

Fubaka has also changed skins several times, having designed most of them. His current skin is of the Red Guy from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. In the past, he has also resembled a Combine Elite soldier from Half Life 2, Magolor, Octodad, and President Haltmann, along with some more original skins.

Current Active Projects

  • to be announced


Over the years, Fubaka garnered quite a reputation among the server for his outgoing behavior, public-minded attitude, and general desire to entertain. Before his hiatus, he had interacted with every member who came on regularly, and would often help them with issues, even if they weren't staff issues. People on the server knew him best for his large public projects, and his large-scale events, most notably the Crimson Cup.

Fubaka runs hot and cold with his material possessions, gathering them quickly as necessary to accomplish his projects, but almost as quickly using them up. As such, he is one of the poorest of the senior members, compounded by the many times he's restarted fresh. His playstyle is old-fashioned, preferring to do things the dirty way most of the time, though he will experiment at length with newer materials. He is naturally curious, but he isn't much of an inventor, and is only passably confident with Redstone wiring. His primary calling is documentation, whether it be on the wiki, or in the server itself in the form of books.

In real life, Fubaka was diagnosed with high-functioning autism as a child. However, his father believes that he has largely grown out of it, though not without some eccentricities remaining. He has always had trouble doing well in school, as he tends to learn in a very different manner from the established norm. At present, he is not attending any form of schooling. Fubaka's hobbies primarily revolve around computer activities, such as digital music-making, animating, game design, and writing, though he also enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and biking. He fancies himself a philosopher, though he has very few people to debate with other than himself on many issues.


This seems like a good place for this...
  • Fubaka's favorite video game character, and by extension favorite fictional character, is Kirby. His favorite video game, however, is the first Pikmin.
    • Despite this, Fubaka plays a wide variety of games, including Don't Starve, Skyrim, Diablo II, Half Life, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Knytt Stories.
      • Fubaka has also played a fair share of terrible games, including Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic R, and Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • Fubaka's main in the Super Smash Bros. games is Dr. Mario.
  • Although Fubaka's alignment is Lawful Good, his laws are not quite what you'd expect.
  • Fubaka's favorite film is Blue by Derek Jarman.
  • Fubaka's favorite tool in Minecraft is the Fishing Rod, followed closely by the Shovel.
  • Fubaka has been known to concoct dangerous potions. The most notorious, the Astronautic Potion, often results in the untimely demise of its drinker. Always be wary if he asks you to try a new brew.
  • Fubaka's favorite work of literature is The Jungle Book, though the works of H.P. Lovecraft are a close second.
  • Fubaka's patron deity is Hermaeus Mora.
  • This user has made several works of art, most of which are kept on his Newgrounds page. He goes by the same username there as well.
  • Fubaka is the Mole King, and don't you forget it!
  • After World War II, mules fell on hard times.