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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: masternoj
Status This user is a Moderator
Masternoj.PNG Masternoj is an avid proponent of randomness.
Pack.png Supporter of Mixcraft HD.

One of Cubic Worlds' Mods and the server's official Hero of Time. Has an odd sense of humor, a massive obsession with symmetry, and a tendency to leave in a puff of smoke. Currently resides in the Castle Ood.

While his full username is Masternoj, most of the Cubic Worlds community refer to him simply as Noj, a practice he encourages.

masternoj at Snowview.


Having joined the server on May 9, 2011, Masternoj is the fourth longest-running player on the server, the third, second, and first being konekasi, Fubaka and Zolyx respectively.

After initially joining the server, Noj lived in a small dirt cave for the first week or so of his time on the server, then began construction of the Tower of Noj, his first true home.

Noj was promoted to the rank of Citizen, and soon thereafter, Officer, during the time of Pixellia, becoming the third member of Staff.

Noj began scouting and preparing the land for the construction of the Castle Ood as soon as Avalon was created, and transferred over entirely when Pixellia was archived, along with the Tower of Noj.

Noj was promoted to the rank of Moderator on April 26th, 2014.

Noj now works to complete the Castle Ood as his main project on the server, and will appear at events, help build things, and occasionally run a Spleef Tournament.



Mastermind of the Official Spleef Tournaments:


Masternoj has made significant contributions to the following projects:

  • The Harbor Section of Redstonia, in its entirety

Masternoj also maintains the Great Banlist of Cubic Worlds:



Masternoj originally bore a Link skin (referencing the Legend of Zelda).

During most of 2012 and 2013, he switched to a skin depicting a judoka, with a full gi and headband.

A variant of this skin, classified as Dark Noj, was seen during the End Event, as Masternoj's corrupted form.

Masternoj has since returned to a modified and slightly snazzier version of his Link skin.


  • Official server Hero of Time, initially selected because of his involvement with Hyrule and Link skin.