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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: Qwizzy
Status This user is an Elder
Redstone Icon.PNG This user is able to construct simple circuits using redstone, such as clocks and inverters.


Qwizzy joined the server on November 25, 2011. He lost interest in multiplayer shortly thereafter and did not return to Cubic Worlds until mid-April 2012. He was worried about beginning to participate until SunnySoulSheep offered him 32 melon slices as food while he built his first branch mine about 200 blocks from Avalon spawn. His first mine was so close that it ran into the protected spawn area about 70 blocks from the central trunk of the branch mine. After a few X-rayers found their way into his mine over the months, Qwizzy decided to remove his presence from it and closed the mine permanently. In fall 2013, Qwizzy finished mining a large obsidian source at the closed mine with the help of Will9831. That obsidian made its way into a build, detailed below.

Bella Terra

He joined up with Eternify in building what would become Bella Terra. While Eternify did most of the structural building, Qwizzy busied himself with filling in lots of caves and holes under the city which would spawn mobs that could not be seen, but were heard to the point of distraction.


After moving several times within Bella Terra, Qwizzy elected to go find his own land and chose a plot abutting a Village roughly 2500 blocks from Spawn and called his claim Qwerty. After realizing that Hyrule was named after Link's land in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, he renamed his claim Alefgard and called the village Brecconary. His new castle to be built was subsequently dubbed Tantegel Castle, which is made of Obsidian. All of this was done in honor of the Dragon Quest series of games of which Qwizzy is extremely fond.

In the summer of 2013, Qwizzy decided to move out of his original Alefgard claim into the desert biome equidistant from Obstyria and Bella Terra. He asked for his obsidian castle home, Tantegel (which was built from December 2012 to approximately May 2013) to be World-Edited and moved to the new location. Qwizzy subsequently spent many months leveling and landscaping the area in and under the castle, in addition to creating a Testificate village from scratch and catching/healing Zombie Villagers discovered in the surrounding area.

While the original Alefgard claim sits idle (complete with its obsidian border fence), Qwizzy made a new claim of "Alefgard" encompassing Bella Terra, Obstyria, as well as Tantegel Castle, to the extent that he built a massive wooden fence encasing all of it. Qwizzy regrets this completed fence as it impedes player movement for hundreds of blocks. He plans to remove every fence post except one per 16 blocks to give a better representation of a claim border without impeding movement.

Qwill Tower

In August of 2013, Qwizzy also constructed what is known as Qwill Tower in Cubic City. Made of obsidian, it receives its name from a combination of Qwizzy and Will9831, who was instrumental in its inspiration and the mining of the obsidian necessary for its construction. Originally intended to model the Willis Tower in Chicago (formerly the Sears Tower), when it was discovered that there was already a tower in Cubic City modeled after Willis Tower. The actual tower now more closely resembles a syringe, as its creator has often lamented.

General History

Qwizzy loves obsidian and everything about it. He mines vast lava pools to relax while imagining the next thing he is going to do. His affinity for obsidian is nearly as well-known as that of VexusBaer, to the point that as of December 2012, she has bequeathed her city of Obstyria to him as a fellow obsidian lover and trusted Minecraft acquaintance.