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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: Squeedge
Status This user is an Elder
Redstone Icon.PNG This user is able to construct intermediate level circuits using redstone.

Squeedge is a Cubic Worlds veteran who joined on Monday May 23, 2011. He is currently an Elder on the server and is most well known for cakes and logs. Squeedge does not partake in many builds, but tries to make them either large or to encompass as much as possible when he does.

Current Projects

Squeedge's Home used to contain a tree farm, a wheat farm, a sugar cane farm, a melon farm, a passive mob spawner/catcher, and until recently, a cacti farm and an aggressive mob spawner, but were totally scrapped in anticipation of the new world, Avalon.

Auto-Cacti Farm near Mystic_Murray's Citadel

Mob-Spawner Tower near Mystic_Murray's Citadel (reaches from bedrock to the top of the map and has 25 floors, each containing a 17x17 spawn area)

Mega Mob Spawner - Abandoned - Was a 274x274 grinder where the player collects the items from the center of the building. This makes use of the spawning algorithms of mobs to make sure that any that spawn within the area of the player will be captured by the grinder system. This build was actually begun due to a lack of sanity. Since then, he has cried himself to sleep too many times to count and split the acquired resources amongst the helpers.

He built many of the farms for Obstyria, which includes wheat, melons, pumpkins, xp, and sugarcane.

Secret Storage of Secretness - Named by Vexusbaer, he neglected building himself a home and instead focused on created a massive underground storage system. There are rows and columns organized alphabetically for every item in Minecraft, thus making the storage nearly infinitely expandable.


Squeedge and Mystic_Murray are known as "The Cake Barons" for their near monopoly of the sugary treat market.

Squeedge used to be the second richest player on Cubic_Worlds, but found less and less fun in trying to maintain that wealth, and donated most of his kubes to other players. Later, he once again became the second wealthiest player on the server, until the iConomy plugin was removed and all kubes were lost. Once the plugin was re-added, he claimed his place as the richest player and maintained that status for months.

Squeedge used to get very lonely during his days at work, and often lurked the Cubic Worlds forum, as well as the WikiCubia Recent Changes page.