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ThePomelo [1]
Skin ThePomeloSkin.png
Status VIP
Texture Pack DokuCraft [2]

ThePomelo (a.k.a "pom") is a Cubic Worlds member who joined the server on June 28, 2011. Plucky and ambitious, ThePomelo tries his hardest to contribute to the server in any way possible.


ThePomelo's main building projects include the following:

  • Lakeside Cottage Home, personal home located not far from spawn. This is ThePomelo's base of operations.
  • Modern Home, a modern-style home based on a similar home built on a friend's server.
  • Public Obsidian Generator
  • SubAquatica
  • Nyan Cat
  • Cubic Worlds Hall of Fame
  • Nether Cottage, a home built in the Nether. Since many portals seem to link to the portal in the cottage, passersby can use it temporarily as a refuge from ghasts, but keep in mind that it is the property of ThePomelo and must be treated respectfully.

ThePomelo has also lent a hand in other players' projects, like OminousFire's Pac Man and University of Redstone.


  • ThePomelo supports most towns and residential areas, owning homes in Snowview, one of the starships floating above Greenview, the Biome Hotel, and Kokiri Forest.
  • ThePomelo is currently starting a cake business, Cakes by ThePomelo, coming soon to the Biscuit Dome and The Cakery.
  • ThePomelo was promoted to Citizen (then known as VIP) on the morning of 8 September, 2011 after showing Zolyx SubAquatica.