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UberNinja303 joined the server on May 19th, 2012. He is generally a rather quiet fellow, although he does enjoy making bad jokes that occasionally fail spectacularly.

New Avalon Projects

  • Builder of Ocelot Central - the public ocelot farm that was prone to breaking whenever Zolyx fiddled with spawn permissions.
  • Minor contributor in construction of Moya
  • Occasional digger for the New Avalon Central Rail Station.
  • Donated significant amounts of dirt to Setinel as well as building the crown-like island there.
  • Founder of Delusia, and builder of most of the projects there (Mano del Fuego being the most prominent one).

Voxellia Projects

  • Tinker Tower
  • Owner of a currently unnamed ice castle project in the far North
  • Rail contributor
Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: UberNinja303
Status This user is a Citizen
Redstone Icon.PNG This user is an adept in redstone circuitry.