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Current Status

Running as Secondary World


January 10th, 2014 - Some time 2016

Voxellia was the third primary world of Cubic Worlds. It was put into commission as a result of Minecraft 1.7's introduction of new biomes, such as the Mesa, Mega Taiga and Savannah, among others. It ran for nearly three years before being succeeded by Tesseract, starting on the 13th of August, 2016.


This world replaced Avalon as the main world when a stable enough version of Bukkit 1.7 was released. The most striking features of Voxellia include the patchwork of desert and savannah, and the great Tundra Vastus MK-II to the northwest.

Its spawn is surrounded to the brim by several structures, large and small, in an attempt to re-create Pixellia's original spawn city, with mixed success. The railway and Portal Tower can be reached here, to take players to the far reaches of the land.

Voxellia also has a unique Nether, though its End is carried over from Avalon.


Every zone from spawn to +-2000 in each direction falls under the Open Ground territory, where large claims may not be made for any private projects. Outside of that area, large claims may be made. Particularly big claims must be actively and regularly developed or they may be forfeited at staff's disgression.

Additionally, warps may only be placed outside of the Open Ground area.

Voxellia has seen many builds, both complete and incomplete; active and left to gather dust. Some notable tourist stops include the following:



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