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*[[Spleef Tournament VII]]
*[[Spleef Tournament VII]]
*[[Spleef Tournament VIII]]
*[[Spleef Tournament VIII]]
*[[Spleef Tournament IX]]

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Spleefosseum 2.png
Built by

masternoj and bhirsch

Current Status





Bay of Birdtross

Location (x=53,z=1326)

Built by masternoj and bhirsch, with generous donations and redstone assistance from dnolan1337, the Spleefosseum (Spleef Colosseum) is the second Spleef stadium of its kind in Cubic Worlds. It features an automatic reloading mechanism and a self-contained collector for broken snow (and fallen players). A control tower houses switches for the noteblocks that announce the beginning and end of a match. The Spleefosseum was formerly located between Tropical Paradise and On3win9's Ouroboros, above the clouds of the Great Sea. It has since been moved to the skies above the Bay of Birdtross in Voxellia, prior to the deletion of Avalon.

The reloader may only be operated by the proprietors, masternoj and bhirsch, or those Staff trained to do so. The Spleefosseum is open to public use, but the field must be repaired manually and all snow must be returned.

Staffers authorized to run the Spleefosseum:



The Spleefosseum was built to replace the obsolete and less attractive Old Spleefosseum in Pixellia. Work began in May, 2012, until the stadium's completion in early June.


There have been 8 Spleef Tournaments held on Cubic Worlds, 7 of which took place in the Spleefosseum: