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* [[Mystic's Automated Wheat Farm]]
* [[Mystic's Automated Wheat Farm]]
* [[The Floating Chest]]
* [[The Floating Chest]]
* [[Phoenix Lodge]] (Vanilla Time)
* [[Phoenix Lodge]] ([[1.6 Vanilla World]])
* [[The Cakery]]
* [[The Cakery]]

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Mystic at The Citadel Gate

Mystic is a Cubic Worlds veteran who joined on Thursday May 19, 2011. He is currently a Moderator on the Server and on the Fourms. He is most well known for being the Founder and Proprietor of the The Citadel.

Projects History

Mystic is probably one of the most helpfull people on the server, and has helped with many projects from a simple starter home for a new member to a massive build like Biscuit Dome 2!

When he is not helping others he has built the following structures:

Current Projects

Due to its size currently The Citadel takes up most of his time, although he still finds time to help others.