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Ranks are used in Cubic Worlds to identify various "tiers" of players.

We want you to have fun on our server without hitting barriers related to rank. After becoming a Member, you can do almost everything that an experienced Moderator can do - however, because Cubic Worlds is a public server that does not use a whitelist, we use our rank tiers to prevent griefing, hacking, and other shenanigans.

To find out more information about the commands that each rank has access to, check the Features and Commands page.

Player Ranks

These are the ranks which make up the biggest portion of Cubic Worlds players.


Guest names appear grey in chat with the prefix Guest.

Guests cannot:

  • Destroy blocks
  • Place blocks
  • Set homes
  • Claim prizes from challenges

Guests can:

  • Expect to feel welcomed
  • Tour the server
  • Communicate with other players
  • Apply for Membership when they wish to start building


Member names appear white in chat with the prefix Member.

Members can:

  • Destroy Blocks
  • Place Blocks
  • Set up to 10 warps
  • Lock doors and chests
  • Claim prizes from challenges


Citizen names appear green in chat with the prefix Citizen.

Citizens can:

  • Use the /kick command
  • Use /mute and /unmute commands
  • Detonate TNT
  • Check block log history
  • Use Sign Colours
  • Summon Withers

Staff Ranks

These ranks are held by those who take time to keep the server running smoothly and ensure the land is kept safe from griefers, hackers, and other undesirables.

To find out which players are on the staff, check the Staffers page.

Temp Op

Temp Op names appear red in chat with the prefix Evil TempOp.

Temp Ops can:

  • Do anything and everything when needed, but will probably make them confused for hours while doing the more advanced stuff


Op names appear in either red or purple.

Ops can:

  • Do anything and everything when needed, which is most of the time.
  • Rule the server with a benevolent iron fist.
  • Wonder why they got themselves into this situation in the first place.
  • Sigh and take pain medication when server software or plugins don't update for weeks months after a major new Minecraft version is released.

Post-Staff Ranks

Users in this category are retired staff members. These users do not have staffer commands, and stepped down from staffer permissions for reasons other than breaking the laws of the land.


Elder names appear teal in chat with the prefix Elder.

Elders can:

  • Perform the same commands as Citizens, with a few additional permissions
  • Act as advisers for the staff
  • Be trusted by any users, due to their previous staffer heritage
  • Watch for potential new staff members

Other Ranks


Mover names appear magenta in chat with the prefix Mover. This is a temporary rank that was handed out to three users on August 13th, 2016, to help move builds to Tesseract.

Movers can:

  • Perform the same commands as Citizens, with a few additional permissions
  • Use WorldEdit to move builds in any way shape or form, though are not allowed to move anything significantly larger than 500k blocks.
  • Enter Creative Mode, but only for the purpose of handling a move.


Promotion within Cubic Worlds is mostly handled by Zolyx and in some cases by the server's Moderators. We want everyone to be able to play the game without hitting barriers and so there are very few perks that come with promotion. You should avoid making advancing through the ranks your main goal, and instead concentrate on simply enjoying your time building in CW and getting involved in our community!

Promotion to Citizen

The question that our Members ask most often is "How do I become a Citizen?". Well, we use some simple guidelines to find out who is due to get their Citizenship:

  • You are a Member in good standing with no unresolved Courtroom cases against you
  • You have built, or helped to build, at least one house, shop, or other construction of reasonable size (i.e. not just a 3x3 dirt hovel)
  • You have been a Member for a minimum of 3 months
  • You have been visibly active on the server during your time as a Member

If you meet all of these criteria then you will be promoted at the next Citizen Day.

A Citizen Day is held every few weeks during a weekend, generally before or after the advertised weekend event, so that the latest player or players to meet the Citizen promotion criteria can be duly congratulated and a suitable celebration thrown for them!

They are advertised in the server's Events and Contests forum so that hopefully the Citizens-to-be can attend, but if the timing isn't convenient, staffers will try to ensure that promotions are made at some other time during that weekend (or soon after).

Promotion to Staff

New staffers are picked from Citizens who have been recognised by staff as having contributed significantly towards the server, and who have the right attitude for the job. And make no mistake - becoming staff is not the bed of roses you might imagine it to be!

Citizens who wish to progress into staff must:

  • Have a good grasp of written English
  • Be able to exercise patience when dealing with inexperienced Minecrafters
  • Act maturely, fairly, and without personal bias at all times
  • Be willing to sacrifice your own playing time in order to carry out staffer duties
  • Understand and accept the Staff Code of Conduct governing the use of staffer powers

Promotions into staff are handled exclusively by the server's main Operator who acts as Chief of Staff. Currently this is Zolyx.

Even though you may feel that you meet all of the staff criteria above, we do not promote new Officers unless we feel that we need additional staff coverage based on how active the server currently is.

Asking for promotion

As per the server rules, if you directly ask to be promoted at any time then you will automatically be turned down, and the likelihood of you being promoted in the future will decrease. In short, asking to be promoted is a bad idea, so please don't do it!

That said, asking about promotion is perfectly reasonable, as long you don't repeatedly do so. Keep in mind, though, that staffers will not give any more about information about promotions than what is described here on this page. As long as you've read this section you should know all you need to enjoy your time in Cubic Worlds.