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Meepling is the Cubic Worlds server mascot. Cute little fellow, isn't he?

He mostly says 'Meep', 'MEEP', 'meep' and often emotes faces like '>:]' and '>:('. More rarely he will exclaim "Fwee!", perhaps to indicate happiness or success in whatever unknown task he was engaged in.

The only person who seems able to reliably interpret his ramblings is Zolyx.

It is said he harbours an unreasoning hatred of sheep.

Fun facts

  • Meepling will occasionally speak "normally" for reasons that no-one knows.
  • Meepling never uses a custom skin, possibly because he doesn't know they exist.
  • Meepling has been known to fluctuate wildly in his rank, and often causes temporary demotions on players who interact with him.
  • Meepling suffers from major hyperactivity and when given a sugary treat will experience an extreme sugar rush. This can be deadly to players nearby.
  • Some say that he lives in a tree, and that his sweat can be used to clean precious metals.