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  • The general rules for what content is acceptable on Wikicubia are the same as anywhere else on the Museum, Cubic Worlds and the forums. This is a family-friendly site and we do not accept objectionable material of any sort. Wikicubia staff will remove such material and ban the authors swiftly.
  • Do not vandalise pages on the wiki. Culprits will be struck with banhammers.
  • All information you add to the wiki should be related in some way to either the Museum or its server, Cubic Worlds. Anything that's off-topic should be kept to user and article discussion pages or the forum.
  • By adding information to the wiki, you implicitly accept that any of your work may be edited, changed, removed, reworked, deleted, reverted or transmogrified into something completely different. Such is the nature of a wiki!
  • Do taunt Happy Fun Ball.


  • If you want to have an account on WikiCubia, PM a staffer for this.
  • If you start to create a page but don't have time to finish all of the content, don't panic. Just make sure you write a note about it being unfinished so that others know what's up.
  • Similarly, be sure to give people time to finish their work if something appears to be "work-in-progress". Don't delete things too quickly - remember that not everyone can type fast!
  • If in doubt about anything on the wiki, PM a staffer on the forum, or ask it in the "Discussion" page.
  • We welcome translators to other languages but the wiki's primary language is English. If you are writing new content for the wiki, please do so in English first.