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There are a number of minigames created by users in Cubic Worlds. Most are toll-free, but some games require you to part with a few Kubes.

The following is a list of the minigames playable, and a brief description of each:

Current Minigames

Baba Zombie's Puzzle Tower

Previous World Minigames

Zombies Forever! Your death is certain, but how long can you survive, and how many of the undead can you take with you when you leave this world?

Spleefosseum Challenge your friends to Spleef, the sport of kings! Who shall stand victorious, and who shall fall? The automatic reloader allows for up to three or four games to be played without needing to repair the arena by hand! There are also various other Spleef arenas on the server.

Dispenser wars Experience the thrill and panic of a duel of arrows and buttons!

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