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Inactive Village
Snowview 1.png
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Location (x=-1410,z=-550)

Snowview is a town built primarily by Fubaka, founded in late June 2011. It was built as a snowy tribute to Greenview City and is located nearly 2 kilometers away from it, in a very large tundra biome. The city features buildings made primarily out of snow and ice blocks, a town hall (with built-in cult center), a plaza, a rail station, a shop, a lodge, a public mineshaft, an ice-skating rink with built-in spleef arena, and a large ice wall that encompasses the entire town.

Town Policies

Snowview was a town that allowed people to either buy houses and build on to them, or buy and build on plots of land. Since the town was finished, though, this is no longer the case. The town mainly serves as a tourist attraction now, and no building is allowed on the inside without the mayor (Fubaka)'s approval. It is quite a trip to walk to Snowview, but one can reach it more quickly by following line 1 of the Greenview Rail Station.


Snowview was, obviously, a great place to harvest snow, though it was advised to do this outside of the city limits. the public mine that sits under the town was also a very rich source of obsidian, though one should take care when mining down there. If one was crazy enough, they could also make Ice blocks in the Snowview Tundra and push them with pistons to wherever it is needed, but since the introduction of Silk Touch, there are better ways to do that.


  • Snowview's Spleef arena was probably the most used on the server before the world switch.
  • Before the town wall was built, Snowview was overrun with monsters, especially around the ice-skating rink.
  • During the Great Biome Corruption, Snowview experienced rainy weather in half of the town.
  • rubix124 once got himself completely frozen during Snowview's construction.