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What needs to be done? Oh, not much, really. Just everything...

Work to be done

Essentially, any information that is fairly static and currently cluttering up the forum could be moved here. It could also act as an extension to the official homepage and will be properly linked in once the content is written.

  • Cubic Worlds
    • History - FINISHED (Fubaka), but needs more in the timelines.
    • Cubic Worlds category:Projects - STARTED, NEEDS MORE ON THE LISTS! (Fubaka)
    • Commands (listed by rank)
    • Pages for each of the towns, proper links to which can be found on the Towns page.
    • category:Minigames - STARTED (Birdtross) - would like people to add their own games.
  • Wikicubia
    • Improve the front page with a more pleasant layout once there is content to fill it