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The History of Cubic Worlds is a long and complicated one. The server started on the 7th of May, 2011, and has gone through many an ordeal and phase since then. This page will overview each era and epoch within the eras, as well as pointing out historically significant events.

(The timelines are most definitely incomplete, and I highly suggest filling them in with more important events that you remember!)

Era of Pixellia

Time period: May 7th to December 16th, 2011

This era denotes every point in time from the server's inception to the rise of New Avalon as the primary world.

Epoch 1; Genesis

Time Period: May 7th to May 26th, 2011

The first epoch of the server was a quiet one. The first generation of users rose here, and most of the users who applied in this era no longer frequent the server. Back in this age, there were no staffers apart from Zolyx, but griefings were infrequent so there was no need at the time.

This epoch ended when Minecraft 1.6 was released, and the doors were opened to total chaos in the 1.6 Vanilla World.


Date Comment
May 7th Pixellia is born, Greenview Plaza is built.
May 11th Creepers nerfed of their ability to cause craters on the server.
May 14th MobBounty established. First VIP badges given out.
May 16th Sunshine Tavern in its prime.
May 17th The first game of The Lost Diamonds is set up in the Biscuit Dome.
May 18th The Jump Gauntlet is completed.
May 19th Server size increases to hold up to 16 players, as opposed to just 10.
May 21st derGymnacke's supermarket is completed. The Cube Tower is completed.
May 22nd The Pumpkin-Head Clan is established.
May 23rd Poll run to decide whether or not the Stargate mod would be added. Biscuit Dome is built.
May 25th Fubaka's Jump Gauntlet lava zone claims more lives than any other part of the server.
May 26th 1.6 released. Server thrown into chaos.

Epoch 2; 1.6 Anarchy

Time Period: May 26th to June 1st, 2011

Due to the lack of preparedness on both the server and Bukkit's part for the complete mess that was Minecraft 1.6, the server was thrown into utter chaos. Due to the lack of a proper Bukkit update, the server was reopened on 'Vanilla Time' on the 29th of May to a temporary world, in order to prevent Pixellia from being harmed by rabid griefers. This persisted until June 1st, when Bukkit 1.6.6 came out.


Date Comment
May 28th Plans for the Cubic Worlds Town Hall are made.
May 29th 1.6 Vanilla World established. 'Vanilla Time' begins.
May 29th - June 1st Phoenix Lodge built and rebuilt about a million times, due to pyroclastic griefers. Zolyx anoints Muako, Merasane, Fubaka, and masternoj as OPs to help quell the chaos of the griefers.
May 30th Sandstone Castle completed. Poll run to decide whether or not to return to 1.5. Stargate poll ends with slim majority against.
May 31st Parties thrown at the Sandstone Castle, and then blown up.
June 1st Server poll concluded with majority choosing to go back to 1.5, but Bukkit update was released on the same day, so poll was made irrelevant.

Epoch 3; Age of Instability

Time Period: June 1st to September 14th, 2011

Upon the return to Pixellia and the re-stabilization of the server's security, Cubic Worlds went through the high point of it's life, and many new members emerged from the fold during this period. Most of Pixellia's major towns and builds belong to this epoch, and the first staffers were crowned during this time as well. This epoch saw a few disasters, and cradled the Ore World.

The server saw many sessions of ups and down in this time frame, as the internal game and mods went through a period of upheaval. General hatred of Multiplay was at its peak in this period.

This epoch swiftly ended when 1.8 arrived, creating another wave of destabilization.


June 29th
Date Comment
June 1st Bukkit 1.6.6 arrives, server returns to Pixellia. Pixellia's Nether is established.
June 2nd The recently vanished Phoenix Lodge is given it's name and is immortalized.
June 3rd Construction of the Second Gauntlet begins.
June 6th Poll run to decide if the Piston mod should be added. Another poll run to establish PvP areas.
June 9th Fubaka crowned as the first Officer.
June 13th The Second Gauntlet opens. Poll on pistons is made irrelevant when news of vanilla pistons in 1.7 is released.
June 17th Plans for the Greenview Rail Station begin.
June 20th Mystic_Murray is made an Officer.
June ?th Work on The Citadel begins.
June 24th Cubic Club established.
The Cubic Worlds Courtroom is established.
June 30th 1.7 is released. Server remains in 1.6.6.
July 9th Snowview is built.
July 10th Ghast Apocalypse happens. Church of Ghastianity follows suit.
July 16th The Second Gauntlet is completed.
July 19th Bukkit 1.7.3 arrives, server updates. Pistons are introduced to the server. Gary is found.
July 20th Masternoj is made an Officer.
July 21st Nyan Cat is built.
July 30th Shroomageddon event takes place. Various structures are mushroomified for one day.
August 4th The Great Biome Corruption happens. Snowview sees rain.
August 5th Poll run to establish Wikicubia. Landslide support.
August 7th Wikicubia established. Biscuit's Test Server established.
August 8th The Pack is established. The Great Library is completed.
August 19th The Great Ore Corruption happens, taking out all undiscovered ore in Pixellia.
August ?th Fubaka and Mystic_Murray are jointly crowned as the first Moderators.
August 25th Ore World established in response to the previous corruption.
August 27th Arachnid Storm happens at the Great Library. Existence of the Spider Shrine and the Webbed Ones is revealed.
August 29th derGymnacke vanishes. Elite City is established.
September 5th Plans begin for Hyrule and Redstonia.
September 11th Digi-Island is established.
September 12th A.U.S. Titan discovered.
September 14th 1.8 released. Server remains in 1.7.3.
September 24th Construction of New Avalon Central Rail Station begins.

Epoch 4; Eve of Avalon

Time Period: September 14th to December 16th, 2011

1.8 is released, and as such, plans for the next main world of the server are made. Multiplay gets thrown out the door and Monkz takes over as the host, gaining the rank of Op alongside Zolyx. Old Avalon is established. The beginnings of Avalon are held on Biscuit's Test Server.

The era ends when Bukkit 1.0.1 is released, and Avalon is made the primary world.


Date Comment
September 25th Server is updated to 1.8. Old Avalon is established. Ore World closes.
September 26th Ore World is deleted.
September 27th iConomy resets every player back to 200 Kubes. The server reaches breaking point with Multiplay.
September 28th Server switches to Monkz's hosting.
September 30th The Blue Hole is built.
October 6th Fubaka steps down from Staff and becomes an Elder.
October 22nd The first official LeafSpleef Tournament takes place in Pixellia.
November 6th Player slot capacity increases to 24.
November 12th Fubaka vanishes for the rest of the era.
November 17th The Spawn Competition begins on Biscuit's Test Server.
November 18th Minecraft leaves beta. Server remains in 1.8.1 for the rest of the era. Plans begin for Valhalla.
December 3rd Plans begin for the Ville d'Art.
December 4th Plans begin for NOISE.
December 5th The Tundra Vastus is discovered in the world that will eventually be Avalon.
December 16th Server updates to 1.0.1. Avalon becomes the primary world.

Era of Avalon

Time Period: December 16th, 2011 - April 26th, 2014

Epoch 1; Arrival of Avalon

Time Period: December 16th, 2011 - April 30th, 2012

New Avalon is made the primary world after long incubation on Biscuit's Test Server. From there, many large scale projects are started, and massive new biomes and continents are charted. Eventually, Monkz's hosting is dropped and yet another new host is found in CreeperHost. Pixellia and Avalon, (the latter now referred to as Old Avalon) are largely abandoned and scheduled for various fates.

This epoch ended when the server updated to 1.2.


Date Comment
December 17th Plans for Wintercube Festival are made.
December 21st ColDimitri and runicrules promoted to officer
December 24th The Bauble Competition takes place. Mystic_Murray vanishes.
December ?th The Castle Ood is established.
January 3rd, 2012 The PW system is established.
January 4th Fubaka steps back up into his position as a Moderator. Cubestone is discovered shortly after.
January 7th Another more minor ghast apocolypse happens.
January 9th Border of New Avalon increases to 4200. Poll started to make Cubestone the official block of the server.
January 12th 1.1 is released. Server remains in 1.0.1.
January 19th Cubestone is made the official block of the server.
January 27th Server updates to 1.1.
January 28th Wikicubia logo is made.
March 1st 1.2 is released. Server remains in 1.1.
March 2nd The Great Record Hunt happens on Old Avalon.
March 15th Construction of the Greater Library begins. Monkz's hosting is dropped, and self-hosting begins.
March 26th Creeperhost hosting begins, with a rocky start.
March 30th The Ville d'Art is completed.
March 31st The WONDERous Takeover is underway.
April 2nd The WONDER ends. Plans begin for Tutoria.
April 10th The Province Project begins.
April 14th masternoj's First Official Spleef Tournament takes place.
April 17th 5 polls to name the provinces are created. The Cube Tower is moved to New Avalon.
April 19th Mystic_Murray returns. The rival towns of Azryia and Zeriuth are founded.
April 20th This page is created. End storm takes place on Old Avalon.
April 22nd Super Build Contest takes place in Hyrule. Province name polls end, officially naming the first 5 provinces outside New Greenview
April 23rd After continuous troubles with CreeperHost, Zolyx states that a move is likely, and a full backup of the server begins. Later, CreeperHost responds saying that they will not cancel the service to us during downtime.
April 28th A poll is run to decide whether or not to leave CreeperHost, due to increasing bouts of lag.
April 29th derGymnacke returns.
April 30th Zolyx begins to bring the server to 1.2 by converting files to Anvil. Old Avalon is deleted.

Epoch 2; Age of Anvil

Time Period: May 1st, 2012 - August 21st, 2012

The height limit of New Avalon is pushed up to 256. Efforts from players to push their towers up to the new limit begin to unfold. Iron Golems begin to sprout up inside fortresses and villages. Cubic Worlds sees its first birthday, and an event involving records takes place, with many casualties resulting. Jungles sprout around New Avalon, and the event city of Moya rises from the ashes of Elite City. Pixellia was locked at the start of this epoch.

This epoch ended when the server updated to 1.3.2.


Date Comment
May 1st The server is updated to Bukkit RB 1.2.5. The Greater Library is officially completed, though it had been more or less done for weeks prior. Alex2715 returns. The Heartland Jungle is created.
May 2nd Pixellia is finally locked, as it was meant to be long ago.
May 5th An event happens at The Jukebox, at 20:00 GMT. The party is wiped, leading to the re-hash events.
May 7th Cubic Worlds turns 1 year old.
May 8th - 9th Creative Timelapse Tuesday takes place on the server.
May 12th Fateful Re-hash #1 happens. The party is wiped once again.
May 15th SunnySoulSheep is promoted to Moderator. An auction is started to claim the abandoned towns of Metropolis and Redville. Member applications are re-opened, after a 3 month closure.
May 16th Border of Avalon officially increases to 4800. The search for natural jungle biomes begins.
May 19th Fateful Re-hash #2 happens. The party conquers the dungeon.
May 25th VIP changes to Citizen.
May 30th JakTheMad is promoted to Officer.
May 31th ShabbyJazz is promoted to Officer.
June 2nd Fateful Re-hash #3 happens. The party is wiped once again.
June 16th The city of Nova is founded.
June 20th Zolyx allows people to "buy" portals which go to their notable buildings/cities. Prices for a portal are 25 diamond blocks.
June 26th The Cubic Worlds Steam Group is created.
July 8th The server returns to Monkz's hosting, after a shaky period with CreeperHost.
July 25th Tropical Paradise is renamed to Moya and is officially made public to all.
August 1st Squeedge retires from staff and becomes an Elder.
August 4th Squeedge unretires and steps back up to Moderator.

Epoch 3; Age of the Emerald

Time Period: August 21st, 2012 - May 11th, 2013

Books hit library shelves*, another Ore World is founded, and emeralds flood into the pockets of prospective miners and traders. Zolyx goes on vacation, leaving his moderators to take the reins of operating the server, and nearly dooming everyone in it. Cubic City is founded in this epoch, and Chest Shops make a return to the server, after a long absence. Later, the 1.4.4 update hit the server, and many pretty and scary things were added to the world.


Date Comment
August 21st 1.3.2 Arrives on the server. The Greater Library adjusts appropriately. The Second Ore World is introduced for the purposes of mining Emeralds. The town of Hygerinia is founded.
August ?th Biscuit_Junkie retires from staff and becomes an Elder.
August 26th The Moya Garden Show begins.
August 28th Zolyx leaves for a 4 week vacation, promoting all active Moderators into Temporary Ops.
August 31st - September 2nd The Fubaka Cup begins, with a three-day run of Aerial LeafSpleaf.
September 7th - 9th The Fubaka Cup continues, with a three-day run of Undead Siege.
September 14th - 16th The Fubaka Cup continues further, with a three-day run of The Artisanathlon.
September 21st - 23rd The Fubaka Cup continues even further, with a three-day run of Rescue The Disk.
September 28th - 30th Zolyx returns. The Fubaka Cup concludes, with a three-day run of the Gauntlet of Chaos. The Lottery of Chaos begins.
October 6th - 7th The Many Hued Path event makes its debut.
October 26th - 28th Cubic City is founded. brickviking is promoted to Officer. Chest Shops make a return to the server. The Inaugural Emerald Jump Tournament takes place. The Scary Halloween Ghost Spleef event takes place.
October 31st The Lottery of Chaos has a second take. The Hallow's Eve event takes place.
November 19th The server upgrades to 1.4.4.
January 26th, 2013 The Particle Party is held, during which, the following promotions were made: Koads promoted to Officer. JakTheMad, Shabbyjazz and ColDimitri promoted to Moderator. Fubaka promoted to Crimson Op.
February 17th The first ever "Capture the Tower" tournament at the Southwest Summit Arena is run.
February 22nd (approx.) The Great Rollback occurs, sending Cubic Worlds all the way back to February 3rd.
March 29th merasane is promoted to Officer.

Epoch 4; Eve of Voxellia

Time Period: May 11th, 2013 - April 26th, 2014

The End Event concludes, leaving a wake of chaos, and access to The End, Prism and the Aetheric Nether. 1.5 comes to the server and adds Oreneth onto the regular Ore World. Massive projects flourish, and experience flows from the End Grinder. Fubaka unretires from playing. 1.6 brings horses and stained clay to the server. Cake makes its first appearance. Finally, plans are made to move in 1.7.

This epoch and era ended when the server updated to 1.7, and brought forth Voxellia.

Date Comment
May 11th The epic Cubic Worlds 2nd Anniversary event occurs. Everything was fine.
August 12th konekasi is made an Officer.
August 30th The server updates to 1.6.2
September 2nd Cake makes its first appearance.
September 14th Plans for 1.7 begin.
September 16th The poll to name Voxellia is started.
September 24th Prism is closed.
September 27th - November 17th The games of the Crimson Cup are run. Much chaos ensues, and the Gauntlet of Entropy is revealed to the public.
November 3rd The full plans for the move to Voxellia are made public.
November 6th Cubic Worlds moves hosts from Nitrous Networks to Digital Ocean, where the museum website, forum, and this wiki are hosted.
November 13th Macpants is made an Officer.
November 22nd Plans begin for Le Capitale De l'Art
November 28th Withers are changed to allow for block destruction again. This is done to make the End Cobblegen possible.
December 1st The Christmas Event begins.
December 12th The plans for Tutoria are scrapped.
December 17th SmokeAndMirrors is made an Officer.
December 19th merasane is promoted to Moderator.
December 23rd Qwizzy is made an Officer.
January 6th, 2014 Plans for Le Capitale De l'Art made public.
January 10th Avalon is relegated to sub-world, the Ore realms are deleted, and Voxellia begins.
January 11th server's only Mega Taiga biome.
February 28th Fubaka steps down from Crimson OP, becoming an Elder forever more (but not really).
March 25th The exterior of the Castle Ood is completed.
March 29th Inaugural Voxellian Leaf Spleef Tournament occurs.
April 26th The Farewell, Avalon event is held, and Avalon is closed, leaving Voxellia as the sole primary world.
April 26th Masternoj is promoted to Moderator.

Era of Voxellia

Time period: April 26th, 2014 - August 13th, 2016

Epoch 1; Dawn of Voxellia

Time Period: April 26th, 2014 - December 31st, 2015

This epoch is a somewhat quiet one. Many new players join the server, and chaos ensues. Cubic Worlds finally moves to its own dedicated machine, removing its dependence on hosting sites. Absolutely nothing else happens (except the stuff below, and maybe other things).


Date Comment
June 18th Project New Horizon is announced.
June 23rd Citizenship details are de-vagueified.
July 3rd A new sub-world known as 'New Horizon' is opened, to allow for members and staffers alike to design and create events for the server.
July 9th SmokeAndMirrors, Koads, and Brickviking are all promoted to

moderator status.

September 2nd Minecraft updates to 1.8. Server stays in 1.7, however players can play using a 1.8 client, just not use the new features.
September 30th Fubaka vanishes for a VERY long time.
October 1st Another host, HostBlaze, is acquired by MCProHosting. The server experiences lengthy downtime as the files are converted.

Meanwhile, the Cubic Worlds Terraria server is temporarily opened.

December 5th - 7th Stomp! is run on the server for the first time.
December 30th The Crawling Dark takes place.
January 18th, 2015 MCProHosting is dropped after the Kimsufi Dedicated Server comes into effect. Things generally get better for everyone.
January 29th Changes in Minecraft 1.8 relegate Cubestone to only being summonable via WorldEdit.
February 2nd The official Banner design contest takes place.
March 2nd The Super Build Contest 2 takes place, this time working exclusively with marble (Nether Quartz).
April 1st Zolyx trolls the server once again. Who is surprised?
May 6th Cubic Worlds celebrates its 4th anniversary.
June 11th Mumble voice chat returns.
August 20th fishman12345 returns.
December 1st Christmas Island opens once more.
December 4th mcMMO is tested on the server.

Epoch 2; Wane of Voxellia

Time Period: January 1st, 2016 - August 13th, 2016

This epoch is defined by the move to version 1.9, and then subsequently 1.10. Plans for a separate mcMMO world are drawn, and relegated to the upcoming world of Marmotia. SmokeAndMirrors becomes the second permanent OP to be promoted. Plans for the new and possibly final world are drawn. Fubaka returns from his sabbatical to find the server still bustling with activity. This epoch ended when Tesseract came into being.


Date Comment
January 12th, 2016 Hyrule project is revived.
March 6th Cubic Worlds updates to 1.9, adding shields and other fun things into the game.
March 18th SmokeAndMirrors is promoted to Spectral OP.
April 1st Cubic Worlds briefly opens a Spanish branch, then promptly closes it.
May 23rd Voxellia's time grows short as plans for the new world are announced.
June 1st Plans for Marmotia are revealed.
July 13th Cubic Worlds updates to 1.10 adding Magma Blocks, among other things to the game.
July 20th Fubaka returns. Construction of the Grand Library of House Antaka begins.
July 28th Marmotia is archived. The Gauntlet of Entropy is reopened.
August 3rd The fourth world begins to take form as a seed is searched for. The final dawn rises on Voxellia.
August 6th The Grand Library of House Antaka is completed, opening with 61 books on its shelves.
August 9th Plans for Galleria are drawn. Date for opening of the new world is confirmed to be the 13th of August.
August 11th The first epic is completed for the Grand Library of House Antaka.
August 12th The World 4 Portal Tower Contest closes, with 13 finished and eligible entries. Judging will take place about a week after. The Road Theming Poll for the new world closes, with Uptown garnering the clear majority of votes.
August 13th The Gauntlet of Entropy closes again. Naming and seed polls conclude for Tesseract. Fubaka, Squeedge and Redline67 are all temporarily promoted to the Mover rank to help with copying player builds over to the new world.

Era of Tesseract

Time period: August 13th, 2016 - January 2019

Epoch 1 - The Long Now in Tesseract

This epoch, and age, began when Tesseract came into being. Every significant build and event which happened in Tesseract took place in this very long and stable epoch. The arrival of Update Aquatic brought this epoch to a close, ushering the Chaos world and paving the way for the next major world of Arcadia.


Date Comment
August 13th 2016 Tesseract is created. All the players arrive in the world via the BabaJet. Voxellia remains available for travel between the worlds. Construction of Galleria begins.
August 15th The third Ore world is retired, until such a time that it is needed again.
August 20th Tesseract City opens its plots to the public.
August 26th Koads' portal tower design is chosen to be the formal Tesseract Portal Tower. Calls for art begin in Galleria.
August 30th The three Movers are returned to their original ranks.
September 10th The Grand Library concludes its first writing contest, on Buddy-Cop Fiction.
September 11th The Spawn Monument Contest for Tesseract's spawn city concludes. The winner was picked shortly after.
September 17th Tesseract's End opens.
September 26th The Grand Library of House Antaka obtains 100 unique books.
October 1st The Voxellia Relic Hunt is held. Voxellia is closed to public access shortly after, though still reachable via homes. The Spawn Monument Contest closes, with Peace_Panda's entry declared the winner.
October 8th The first public test of Voidfall is held. Construction of Galleria is completed.
October 15th The Voxellia Relic Hunt is held one more time.
October 16th Voxellia is unloaded from the server.
October 28th - 30th Galloween 2016 takes place.
November 1st Construction of Artreach begins.
November 5th Vaultbusters is run for the first time.
November 16th Galleria obtains its 30th finished plot.
November 18th Plaza building contest begins.
December 7th Christmas Island 2016
January 11th, 2017 Cubic Worlds updated to Minecraft 1.11.2, shaking cramped herds of animals everywhere. Also llamas.
January 12th The Tesseract End border was set to +-6400.
February 18th Ore worlds became a thing again, now with woodland mansions.
March 4th The Hyrule Treasure Hunt took place.
April 29th New Horizon was reset.
July 18th Cubic Worlds updated to Minecraft version 1.12. A New MobHunt plugin was added, and new blocks flooded the server. Ore World was not recycled until the following week due to lethargy.
July 23rd The Seventh Annual Spleef Tournament was held. Zolyx claimed victory.
August 1st Construction of Artreach concludes.
August 13th The Elder Channel opens for use. Tesseract becomes 1 year old.
August 26th The first game of Dreambound was held.
September 9th The first game of Pipe Dream was held.
October 28th to November 4th Galloween 2017. Included in the running was the all-new Trouble in Cuberwald.
December 11th to December 16th A Christmas Tree Contest was held for Christmas Island 2017.
February 24th, 2018 Just Archery.
April 16th to May 4th Cubic Worlds moved to a Zolyx self-hosted solution
May 4th Cubic Worlds moved to a new host, with some unusual glitches to make life interesting (mixed up homes, borked custom maps)
May 12th Season 2 of Cooking with Gary took place.
May 26th To celebrate the 7th anniversary of Cubic Worlds, City 7 opened to much jumping and fractured bones.
June 26th The world border of Tesseract's End was once again abolished.
June 26th to July 8th The 2018 Spawn Monument Contest was held.
July 9th Plans begin for the establishment of Arcadia and the transition to Update Aquatic.
July 21st The Eighth Annual Spleef Tournament was held. Masternoj claimed victory.
September 14th Server fires result in the End being recycled and once again being given a border, this time of +-4200.

Epoch 2 - CHAOS

Due to an unusually long wait for server plugins to update, a trial world called Chaos was opened on September 22nd, 2018 to allow Cubic Worldians to play in 1.13.2 while the server stabilized and switched to a new host (yet again). This epoch was marked by frequent bouts of server instability, head-hunting, swimming, and some moments of good ol'-fashioned cooperation. Tesseract was not accessible during this epoch.


Date Comment
September 22nd 2018 Cubic Worlds reopened in Chaos, with all other worlds inaccessible for the time being. Namesake ensued.
November 3rd to November 5th Galloween 2018 was held in Chaos.
December 3rd Some stability brought to Chaos as more plugins are instated.
December 10th Cubic Worlds went into self-hosting for a week to do stress testing.
December 22nd Christmas Chaos: Snowball Stress took place.
January 3rd 2019 The launch date for Arcadia was tentatively set for January 19th.
January 5th The naming contest ends, giving Arcadia its formal name, having barely etched out a victory against the runner up of Midgard.
January 13th One last update to the Chaos world brought back Ore World and New Horizon, with the latter having been reset once more. Arcadia was loaded onto the server though not yet accessible.

Era of Arcadia

Time period: January 19th 2019 - present

Epoch 1 - The Rise of Arcadia


Date Comment
January 19th 2019 Arcadia is opened.
May 24th To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Cubic Worlds, The Drop made a surprising re-appearance (after many years of breakage), and much falling death was enjoyed by all.
August 7th Arcadia updated to Minecraft 1.14.4...let the pillaging begin!
August 24th Spleef Tournament IX