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Name The player name of this user in minecraft is: Zolyx
Status This user is an Op

Zolyx has been playing Minecraft on and off since an early public alpha version was mentioned on the blog in May 2009, and since that time has been involved with several Minecraft-related projects of various sizes. He founded the Cubic Worlds server on the 7th of May 2011 and is currently its main Operator and Chief of Staff. Regardless of any impressions that players may draw from interacting with him on the server, he is almost completely evil, and could explode into a treantish whirlwind of fury at any moment. Beware!

Past Projects

Over the years he has played Minecraft, Zolyx hasn't actually built anything particularly memorable of his own. His biggest completed project - a prison for rogue Steves built into a lake of lava - was made in a version of the game so early that it didn't even have the ability to save maps, and so is lost to the mists of time. Some of his notable builds and timelapse events have been preserved on YouTube:

Current Projects

Zolyx's main ongoing project is to ensure that Cubic Worlds continues to succeed in providing a safe, fun, family-friendly Minecraft environment that is protected from griefers.

As an avid gamer with a soft spot for PC indie titles, he occasionally posted words on his blog, The Zolyx Zone. Sometimes they even made sense. However, this blog has now been discontinued.

He also used to post weekly Game Music Monday videos on his YouTube channel to chase away the otherwise dull and unpleasant Monday blues, though this too has been left to gather dust in recent times.


  • Zolyx uses a custom skin based on a sentient tree. He likes to believe this was the first such skin that ever existed in the Minecraftverse.
  • Zolyx seems to have a strange bond with Meepling, the Cubic Worlds server mascot. No-one is quite sure exactly what the relationship is.
  • Zolyx was partly responsible for the Great Ore Disaster that removed most of Pixellia's ore in the Summer of 2011.
  • Away from Minecraft, Zolyx has created two of his own games: Poing! PC, a variation of Breakout, and Millenipede, a fast-paced oldschool arcade shoot 'em up.