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Welcome to Wikicubia, the Cubic Worlds wiki!
You can think of Wikicubia as a public library for Cubic Worlds. Its goal is to provide up-to-date information and news in one place so that you don't have to go searching around the forum. User registrations are disabled to prevent spambot vandalism, but new members are still very welcome - just contact us in-game or via Discord and we'll set your account up!
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Other useful information:

  • Rules & Guidelines - for building Wikicubia.
  • To-do List - tasks and who's doing them.
    • Stubs - pages with inadequate coverage that could use some love.
    • Wanted pages - a list of subjects that do not yet have articles about them, but are linked somewhere else on the wiki. Create pages ASAP!
    • List of Unelaborated Builds - a more detailed list of builds found around the server that do not (yet) have wiki pages.
  • Userboxes - how to add userboxes to a user page.