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Founded in 2011, Cubic Worlds is a public, non-whitelisted Minecraft server that prides itself on being one of the few places aimed toward giving families a safe online Minecraft experience. You can build co-operatively with others without any fear of griefing or hacking, and enjoy a host of helpful features for online play, such as locked doors and containers, multiple homes, and much more! Join us today and start building something epic!

Server Information

  • Name: Cubic Worlds
  • IP:
  • Status: Online running Minecraft 1.17 snapshots.


What Makes Cubic Worlds Special?

  • Survival gameplay enhanced with a selection of additional gameplay features
  • A friendly and knowledgable community that welcomes players of all ages and skill levels
  • Fun weekend events offering prizes that are hosted by real people, not robots
  • Security and protection from griefers to make sure your time and effort isn't wasted
  • Moderated gameplay that is safe for children to enjoy
  • No donor perks - you will never be forced to pay in order to enjoy everything the server offers
  • Instant building power once you successfully apply to become a member
  • Honourable staffers who follow a strict code of conduct and can be held to account by the players
  • A rich history that continues to develop since the server's founding in May 2011

Helpful Wiki Pages

Cubic Worlds is a relatively old Minecraft server and has been running almost continuously for several years. We may be a little daunting to players who are new to playing Minecraft online, but we try to keep helpful information regularly updated both here on our wiki and also on our forum. The pages below can tell you about things such as the landmarks of our server, player ranks, details of commands that you can use to enchance your play, and guides to the rules that our players and staffers are expected to follow.

  • Server Rules - exactly what it says on the tin; a must-read for all Cubic Worlds members.
  • Staff Code of Conduct - the rules which govern how staffers are expected to behave.
  • Features and Commands - a description of the server and a list of commands players can use.
  • Current Staffers - a list of actively serving staff members.
  • Server History - a brief history of all things Cubic.
  • Ranks - the various user ranks used by the server, and an overview of how players are promoted.
  • Landmarks - a compendium of notable builds from around the Worlds!
  • Worlds - a list of all the sub-worlds related to the server, both past and present.
  • Events - information about events that have been or will be hosted, like Leafspleef tournaments and treasure hunts.
  • Donors - a list of past donations made to the server fund, and who made them