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Quote1.png It'll be ready 'soon', as long as by 'soon' you actually mean 'some time next year'... Quote2.png
Sir Branches

Future Events refer to anything that is planned to be done on the Cubic Worlds server(s) or forums. Given the speculative nature of such events, they are not always set in stone, and dates can change at a moment's notice. Please bear that in mind when viewing the following table.

Remember! Future events such as these will affect you in the future! Once these events pass, they will become History, unless they don't actually end up happening.

Timeline of Future Events

Date Comment
January 19th, 2019 Arcadia is scheduled to launch.
May 2019 Minecraft will celebrate its 10th anniversary. ONE DECADE!!.
May 7th, 2111 Cubic Worlds will celebrate its centennial, which is sure to be a grand event commemorated by the many thousands of descendants of the original players in a venue located somewhere off the coast of Antarctica, and there will be cake, and there will be Cake.