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Privacy in General

Cubic Worlds is a public server on the internet. As with any other online Minecraft server, it is possible for parts of your data - i.e. things you have built, or messages you have posted in chat - to be put into the wider public domain by other players. Staff cannot and will not control the actions of players in this regard except in cases of obvious malicious intent. You should use your own common sense to manage your privacy given the above knowledge.

YouTube and Twitch

  • Recording in Cubic Worlds is allowed, but please respect other players. As a common courtesy you should always inform other online players if you intend to record a video or live stream on the server. If you're creating a video about a specific build that is not yours, make sure you ask the owner if they're happy for you to continue.
  • It's not required but we'd appreciate it if any videos or streams that feature Cubic Worlds link back to our homepage,, in whichever way is best for you (either in the video itself or in the description).
  • At least one of the server Ops should be informed before any recording.